Community Question: Favourite Wolf: ET Campaign Rewards

October 26, 2011

Our latest Community Question is all about Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory’s Campaign Rewards. For the uninitiated (and the mildly forgetful), Wolf: ET’s Campaign mode rewards players with upgrades for doing well as a particular class, using weapons, and generally surviving bad situations. These upgrades last for the duration of the current Campaign (so up to three maps) and include fun toys like instant kill backstabs for the Covert Ops, full health revises for Medics, double-strength air strikes for Field Ops, and flak jackets for Engineers.

What we’d like to know today, then, is the following:

Which of Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory’s numerous Campaign Rewards are your favourite and why?

This is a multiple choice affair, so you won’t have to make any heart-breaking decisions here. Once you’ve chosen your favourites, vote away in the poll attached to the comments thread of this blog post and let us know why your selected Rewards are the best of the bunch.