Community Question: Average Multiplayer Play Time

January 19, 2012

There are many different types of FPS multiplayer modes out there – some take just a few minutes for a round to finish, while others can last hours (I’m looking at you, 64 player mp_marketgarden!). What’s really interesting to us this week is to know how much time you actually spend playing on average when you sit down for some multiplayer action. Are your sessions 30 minutes? Several hours? We must know!

So, here’s this week’s question:

When playing a multiplayer title, how long do you usually play for per gaming session?

Please cast your in this week’s Community Question poll. As a bonus question, are there any factors that make you play longer or less (such as clanmates being along for the ride or double XP weekends going on)? If so, please let us know in your replies.