Brink Weapon Tweaks Detailed

June 23, 2011

Alongside today’s game update, the PC version of Brink also received a big bundle of weapon tweaks put together by our balancing council. Among other things, heavy weapons and grenade launchers are getting a boost, while SMGs are dialled back a bit. Very nearly everything else gets tickled with the balancing stick, as well, so there’s literally something for everyone.

We are still working to bring these tweaks over to the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions of Brink and will have more news on that soon.

Keep reading for the full list of adjustments.


  • All pistols: Knockdown accuracy increased
  • Tokmak spread reduced to be more even
  • Tokmak recoil reduced
  • Tokmak pistol reload time slightly reduced
  • Kalt spread is tighter
  • Kalt recoil increased
  • Kalt pistol reload time slightly reduced
  • Sea Eagle slightly less accurate
  • Sea Eagle spread made more even instead of being tight
  • Sea Eagle pistol reload time slightly increased

Sub Machineguns

  • Kross max spread slightly increased
  • Tampa max spread slightly decreased
  • Tampa slightly more jittery when fired
  • Tampa SMG damage slightly increased
  • Carb-9 SMG damage slightly reduced
  • Carb-9 has even spread, instead of clustering towards the centre
  • Carb-9 recoil slightly increased
  • Carb-9 slightly less accurate

Assault Rifles

  • AR base ammo + 1 magazine, except Rockstedi
  • Gerund recoils more quickly under sustained fire
  • Rhett recoil now more manageable under sustained fire
  • Frkn3k damage increased
  • Frkn3k refire rate increased
  • Frkn3k triple burst recoil changed to make the weapon behave better
  • Frkn3k accuracy changed to act similarly to that of the other ARs when moving/not in ironsights
  • Euston max spread increased for some stances (crouch, standing, walking)
  • Euston spread rate slightly reduced overall
  • Rokstedi slightly more accurate in ironsights


  • Hjammerdeim heavy shotgun heavy shotgun damage increased
  • Hammerdjeim heavy shotgun magazine increased from 8 to 12, where the modulo is 3. Ammo count changed to reflect new magazine size
  • Hammerdjeim recoil reduced
  • Hjammerdeim reload time slightly reduced
  • Hjammerdeim refire rate increased
  • Mossington spread is now more even, along with the Hammerdjeim (used to be almost ring shaped)
  • Mossington initial spread is increased but doesn’t grow as much per shot
  • Mossington has slightly more recoil

Grenade Launchers

  • EZ-Nade splash damage radius significantly increased Lobster grenade punt damage significantly increased
  • Lobster reload time increased
  • Lobster splash damage radius increased
  • Lobster running accuracy reduced to be the same as walking/crouch/ironsight

Heavy Machineguns

  • All HMGs: Minimum spread while running reduced to be the same as that for walking
  • Chinzor HMG damage slightly increased
  • Chinzor HMG recoil slightly reduced
  • Maximus HMG damage slightly increased
  • Maximus HMG recoil slightly reduced
  • Gotlung minigun damage significantly increased
  • Gotlung minigun reload time slightly increased
  • Gotlung Minigun minimum spread increased to work in line with its damage increase