Brink Reports and Interviews Emerge from QuakeCon 2009

August 17, 2009

Brink had its first-ever public demonstration last Friday at QuakeCon 2009, with CEO and Game Director Paul Wedgwood showing the game off to a crowd of more than a thousand gamers. Detailed reports of the presentation are now available on Kotaku,, and BlueGamer, while you can relive the excitement in bursts of 140 characters or less and in reverse by looking at the Twitter posts of 1UP’s David Ellis.

Numerous websites also got to pick Paul’s brain (metaphorically, of course) throughout QuakeCon and the resulting interviews are slowly starting to pop up here and there. Kotaku has a great piece there, focusing on the buzz that players get from great teamplay and how Brink will bring that feeling to more people. Another, more general Q&A with Paul can be found on Big Download, while Screw Attack’s Hard News manages to serve up what is no doubt the most concentrated Brink interview ever.

If you spot any other Brink coverage from QuakeCon, please let us know in the comments.