Brink Coverage: Storm Before the Storm Edition

May 6, 2011

Brink is very nearly almost here and we’ve got the very latest coverage from around the internet for you. Thanks to Brink’s impending release, this round-up is particularly massive, which makes it the perfect thing to sift through this weekend. Let’s get started!

First up, our good friend Daniel Ilabaca and his chums of The Brink Parkour Tour 2010 have put together a fantastic video mixing Daniel’s acrobatics with actual SMART footage from Brink. You can catch it via the embed below – it’s really well done, so be sure to watch it.

Meanwhile, over on IGN, the man behind Container City, Dave Johnston (who, incidentally, also created the insanely popular de_dust for Counter-Strike), sheds light on designing Container City. Lead Designer Neil Alphonso and Media Director Richard Jolly are also on hand to chime in, and it even includes an interesting factoid about Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory’s Goldrush.

Elsewhere, Brink’s Creative Director Richard Ham sits down with GameSpot and shares his top three tips for How Not to Die in Brink. It’s just the thing to watch while you wait for the game to come out!

In entirely German news, Bethesda recently organised a community event over in Frankfurt and invited a whole bunch of our German fans along with yours truly. The day was spent playing a lot of Brink and at the end of it, everyone walked away with a copy of the game. The ELS’s SiruS was one of the guys who got to go and put together a great video feature of the event, getting people’s reactions after and even including an interview with yours truly (albeit in German).

In addition to all the previews and interviews listed later in this post, we do want to call out Bethblog’s fan Q&A with Paul Wedgwood. Among other things, Paul confirms that Brink will be getting the full statistics website treatment, with more details coming soon.

Finally, both 1UP and Wired Controller list Brink as one of their top games to keep an eye out for this summer!

Check out the rest of the recent online coverage below:

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