Brink Coverage Round-up: Happy 2011!

January 10, 2011

2011’s here and we’ve got a few bits and pieces of new Brink coverage to kick the year off with.

German magazine ComputerBild Spiele recently visited the Splash Damage offices for a Brink-laden day including plenty of hands-on playing time. The resulting write-up has now appeared in the just-released latest issue of the mag, filling up some four pages with their impressions and new screenshots.

In 100% more online news, Gamers Guide to Life offers a detailed hands-on preview of their own, based on getting to play the game at Eurogamer Expo late last year. Here’s a clip:

Brink is, in the purest sense of the word, a shooter; everything which appears on-screen is precisely placed and serves a purpose, whilst every control is perfectly mapped to the controller. Nothing about Brink feels pasted on, nothing feels pointless and nothing feels half-arsed.

Moving on to more inquisitive things, we’ve also got a trio of new Brink interviews for you. Cleverly, they each feature a different member of the development team:

That’s it for now! If you’ve spotted any other recent Brink coverage, please let us know in the comments.