Brink Coverage: Of Ending Genres, Sound Design and More

April 26, 2011

Another week, another exciting Brink coverage round-up. First up is GamaSutra, where Dennis Scimeca dives head-first into Brink’s innards in a piece titled A Missive From the End of Genre. Guided along by Brink’s Creative Director Richard Ham, Dennis examines how Brink blurs the lines between single player and multiplayer gaming, with additional insights from Irrational Games’ Ken Levine and Kaos Studios’ Rex Dickson.

Meanwhile, The USA Today sent out its Game Hunters to unearth Five Things You Didn’t Know About Brink. Here’s a taster from those:

Violent vocalizations. To make Brink’s weapons sound even more punchy and powerful, Audio Director Chris Sweetman incorporated some unusual components into their firing sounds, including animal noises, a woman screaming, and even his own voice.

Speaking of Mr Sweetman, Splash Damage’s Audio Director extraordinary also makes an appearance over at Edge Online in a feature titled How Sound Influences the Way We Play. Chris reveals some of the audio challenges posed by Brink’s multiplayer nature, while audio folk from other studios share their perspective on the subject as well.

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