Brand New ‘Execution’ Game Mode Test Weekend

April 30, 2015

This weekend we have a new Game Mode hitting Dirty Bomb, along with a new map for you to shoot people and explode things on. The mode ‘Execution’, along with the map ‘Overground’ will be hitting the rotations, a pure double whammy of awesomeness.


First of all, this mode is still in its Prototype phase and we are looking for your feedback so we can make it great. Execution consists of several quick-fire rounds, where the best of 10 wins the match.

If you’re attacking, you have three minutes to destroy one of two objectives using C4, whereas If you’re defending, you have to protect the bomb sites at all costs, either defusing the C4 once planted or holding the attacking team off until the round ends. After 5 rounds, the attacking and defending teams switch sides.


Unlike our other game types, you will not respawn. Once you’re killed, you’re out for the round, though you can still be revived or helped up by friendlies when incapacitated. If an entire team is killed, they lose the round.

Execution HUD

To let us know what you think of ‘Execution’, you can post in the forums. Also if you have any specific feedback for the map ‘Overground’ you can leave your thoughts in the forums too.

Any questions, just let us know. Happy fragging!