Around the Community: New Fan Site, Community Q&A, Wallpaper Contest

July 14, 2010

Welcome to a new feature here on the site, spotlighting recent happenings in and around the Brink community. If you’ve got something cool to contribute, please send it our way and we’ll be sure to include it in the next installment. Let’s get underway:

We’re delighted to welcome an all-new Brink fan site – Czech-speaking There’s tons of information about all aspects of the game, including classes, weapons, environments, and big features like SMART, all rounded out with a comprehensive assortment of media.

Our next stop is English-speaking fan site inBrink where Richard Ham recently answered 10 questions from the community. Topics covered include playing the campaign in multiplayer, mod support, competitive play, and weapon customisation.

Finally, German site GamingPalace has been running a Brink wallpaper competition. The three winning entries will each get a Brink character poster, with the overall winner also getting a Brink t-shirt on top of that. The contest is open to anyone including folks outside Germany and you’ve got until 19 July to post your entries in this forum thread.