An Introduction to the Brink Strategy Guide

May 6, 2011

When it’s released next week, Brink will also be getting a full-blown strategy guide courtesy of Prima Games. Written by David Hodgson, who previously put together the Fallout 3 strategy tome, the Brink strategy guide clocks in at a hefty 336 pages and covers everything from character builds and weapons to elaborate strategies for each of the maps in the game. Over at Bethblog, David has written a great introduction to the guide, laying out what kind of information you can expect from the guide for Brink’s Campaign and Freeplay modes. Here’s a slice to get you going:

Throughout the map location descriptions, there are specific box-outs showcasing the SMART Moves you can attempt here; usually to climb to a cubby-hole; maneuver across walls; or up onto balconies. Each major SMART Move also gets a “Body Type” flag applied to it, so you know instantly whether the move is possible based on the three Body Types you can choose for your character.

Read the rest of it at Bethblog and be sure to check back early next week for even more information.