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Based in London, England, Splash Damage® Ltd is dedicated to creating blockbuster multiplayer experiences. Most recently Splash Damage worked on Gears of War 4®, and along with other unannounced projects has its first fully owned IP Dirty Bomb®, in Open Beta on Steam. Previously the studio took Gears of War into the next-gen with Gears of War: Ultimate Edition ®.

Over the past 17 years Splash Damage has put its name to the #1 hit Batman: Arkham Origins® multiplayer, and is best known for the popular Enemy Territory franchise for id Software, including the world’s first free-to-play shooter Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory® and its PC sequel, the UK and US #1 hit Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars®. Additionally, Splash Damage created the acclaimed worldwide #1 hit RAD Soldiers® for iPhone and iPad, and the worldwide #1 best-seller BRINK® for Xbox 360®, PlayStation®3 and PC.

Splash Damage has won over 330 awards and nominations around the world. It achieved 'Best Independent Developer' at the Develop Awards, and was listed in The Guardian's 'TechMedia Invest 100'. Founded by Paul Wedgwood (@PaulWedgwood), Richard Jolly (@Richard_Jolly) and Arnout van Meer (@Arnout) in 2001, the studio is currently developing the free-to-play multiplayer shooter Dirty Bomb®, alongside other projects.


Splash Damage was formed in May 2001 by Paul Wedgwood and other key members of the non-commercial online mod-making community. The team collaborated with Network Of the World and Gamer.tv, creating both custom maps and an in-game television production solution for Quake III Arena. Splash Damage staff then worked to produce and present over 150 TV shows.

Later in 2001, Splash Damage built several maps for Counter-Strike, Quake III Arena, and Return to Castle Wolfenstein for Games Domain, including the wildly popular Marketgarden, which instantly became the most popular third-party map for RTCW.

In 2002, following the success of Marketgarden, Splash Damage was tasked to produce three maps for the Return To Castle Wolfenstein: Game of the Year Edition. One of them, Tram Siege, immediately turned into the most played first party map for the game. Later that year, Splash Damage began a partnership with id Software and Activision to work on Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory. This won several Game of the Year and Editor's Choice awards, a BAFTA nomination, and continues to be one of the most popular online FPS titles.

In June of 2003 and working closely with id Software, Splash Damage created all the multiplayer maps for id's shooter Doom 3. This was the team's first opportunity to work with Doom 3 technology and experience the level design tools.

Splash Damage continued its successful partnership with id Software and Activision with the highly anticipated Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars (ETQW). Built upon significantly enhanced Doom3 technology, ETQW is a team-based multiplayer shooter pitting Earth's Global Defense Force against the terrifying Strogg army. ETQW shipped worldwide in early October 2007 and was almost unifyingly lauded by critics for its strong teamplay mechanics and unique gameplay devices.

In May 2008, Splash Damage announced a development partnership with Bethesda Softworks for a new, original title coming to multiple platforms. Splash Damage's success was recognized by its industry peers in July 2008 when the studio was named Best Independent Developer at the Develop Industry Excellence Awards.

At E3 2009, Bethesda Softworks and Splash Damage announced BRINK, a team-based shooter coming to the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and the PC. BRINK blurs the lines between single player, coop, and multiplayer, and offer extensive character customization and unique new control systems.

BRINK was released in North America, Europe, and Australia in May 2011, and debuted at #1 worldwide, including the all platform charts in the US, UK, and Germany, as well as the global Steam charts.

The following year, senior Splash Damage staff started digital publishing label WarChest and online services company Fireteam. Splash Damage is working closely with both companies on several new titles: First to be released was RAD Soldiers, a turn-based strategy game for the iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Chrome Web Store, which became the #1 strategy or board game in 86 countries that Christmas. The second was Dirty Bomb, a multiplayer shooter created for the PC. Dirty Bomb is currently in Open Beta.

The Future

Splash Damage is also currently working on a number of unannounced projects. As ever, the studio will continue to champion new markets, demographics and technologies while developing innovative titles with a focus on multiplayer and truly social interaction.

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