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Cost of Living

To give you an idea of how much things cost in and around London, we've compiled a few common expenses on this page. A few of these numbers are courtesy of WorkGateways.

Please note that all figures listed are based on averages and should only be used as a rough guideline.

Income Tax and National Insurance

Splash Damage operates under the PAYE scheme, so income tax and National Insurance will be automatically taken out of your paycheck every month.

Personal Allowance £11,500
Basic Income Tax Rate (20%) £0-£33,500
Higher Income Tax Rate (40%) £33,501+
National Insurance 12% of Gross Salary

All figures based on 2017 -2018 Tax Year and taken from https://www.gov.uk/government/collections/rates-and-allowances-hm-revenu....

Rental Prices

1 bedroom apartment £800-1000 (+ Utilities and Council Tax)
3 bedroom house-sharing £500-700 (+ Utilities and Council Tax)

For a more detailed breakdown including Council Tax figures, please check out the Finding a Place to Live section.

Television and Internet

Monthly TV License Fee £15
Monthly Broadband Connection £20

Food and Drink

Weekly Grocery Bill (based on 2 people) £75
Pub Meal £12-£17
Restaurant Meal £25-£30
Pint of Beer £4-£5
Dinner for Two (mid-priced restaurant) £60

Going Out and Entertainment

Movie Ticket £10-£14
Club/Pub Cover Fee £5-£20
New DVD Release £8-£15
New Blu-Ray Release £10-£20
New Game Release £30-£45
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