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We regularly give talks at industry events, universities, and the like, detailing our approaches to game development as well as giving advice to people looking to break into the industry. For those who aren't able to attend these events, we make the slide presentations used available on this page.

Please note that downloads marked as Microsoft PowerPoint (Microsoft PowerPoint) require either Microsoft PowerPoint or the free Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer to be viewed, while files marked as PDF (Adobe PDF) require Adobe Reader, which is also a free download.


So You Want to be a Game Developer?

Splash Damage's CEO and Game Director Paul Wedgwood shares advice for aspiring game developers looking to break into the industry. Includes portfolio tips, case studies, and a look at the future of the games industry.

Art and Animation

Punching Above Your Weight: Small Art Teams, Big Games

In this art-heavy presentation, Lead Character Artist Tim Appleby and Technical Artist Paul Greveson shed light on how Brink's extensive character and weapon customisation system was realised.


Inside Brink's AI

Go behind the scenes of Brink's artificial intelligence in this three-part talk by AI Programmer Jonas Nelson originally given at Game AI Paris 2011

Preferred Rendering with OpenGL

Originally part of Siggraph 2011's OpenGL day, this presentation takes a look at Splash Damage's approach to OpenGL rendering, using the PC version of Brink as a case study.

Vault, Slide, Mantle - Building Brink's SMART System

Find out how we built Brink's context-sensitive freedom of movement system in this GDC talk by one of the programmers instrumental in creating it.

Sound and Music

Guns Have Wheels

Our Audio Director Chris 'peaceful warrior' Sweetman shares his approach for designing great weapon audio. Chris examines techniques for preventing audio clutter and easy ways to communicate player and story progression via sound.

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