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The Fletcher Update

Welcome to the latest update to take centre stage in Dirty Bomb. Along with balance changes and a ton of squashed bugs, we also welcome some User Interface upgrades, ‘Chapel’ map updates, experience earn-rate tweaks and of course, our new Merc ‘Fletcher’ joins the crew.

Meet Fletcher

STICKY BOMB!!! The bombs are in town and there is only one guy man enough to handle them. Fletcher, a stylish combat engineer, is hauling his collection of sticky bombs to London along with his detonator to bring the pain…and a whole load of explosions.

‘Quick Play’ Update

We’ve spent a lot of time making tweaks to the ‘Quick Play’ function within the game. Now when you play, you will only be placed in servers with under 100ms ping for better connectivity. Plus, we fixed an issue where it would try and match you into ‘Level Locked’ servers, so no more will you fail to connect for this reason. ‘Quick Play’ also takes the average skill-rating of the server into account when placing you to make for a much more balanced and enjoyable experience.

Ranked Play Level Cap

Upon receiving a lot of feedback from players about Ranked Match Making, we decided to reduce the level cap from 7 to 6. This will help when searching for a game and should increase the population of ranked play.

Asia Now in Matchmaking

That’s right! Now when you want to go into a game it’s not just Europe, North America and Australia you can choose from. we have now added Asia into the Matchmaking system to give you a better, lag-free experience.

For the full rundown of the latest patch, check it out on the forum here!

Dirty Cups Community Tournament

This Sunday Dirty Cups are holding a 5v5 Stopwatch community tournament. We saw the launch of these tournaments last weekend and so far have received an extremely positive reaction. You can still sign up for the tournament so head on over to their website, DirtyCups.gg, and enter a team. A big thank you goes out to the organisers and teams that took part! We look forward to seeing some epic plays.

Tournament start times are below:

  • 18:00 UTC/GMT
  • 19:00 BST
  • 11:00 PDT

For more information or to register, you can check out their website: DirtyCups.gg. And to watch the tournament, make sure to follow their Twitch channel as well: Twitch.tv/DirtyCups.

Double XP and Credits Weekend

This weekend we are doubling the amount of XP and Credits you’ll earn from Match Rewards*, giving you more rewards for killing, blowing things up and generally playing dirty.
Start and end times are below so you know when your earnings will get a boost:

  • Friday 8th May - 17:00 UTC/GMT, 18:00 BST, 10:00 PDT
  • Monday 11th May - 17:00 UTC/GMT, 18:00 BST, 10:00 PDT

Let us know over on Twitter what you’ll be spending all of your hard-earned Credits on. Will it be Cases, Trade Ups or Recruiting a new Merc?

Brand New 'Execution' Game Mode Test Weekend

This weekend we have a new Game Mode hitting Dirty Bomb, along with a new map for you to shoot people and explode things on. The mode 'Execution', along with the map 'Overground' will be hitting the rotations, a pure double whammy of awesomeness.


First of all, this mode is still in its Prototype phase and we are looking for your feedback so we can make it great. Execution consists of several quick-fire rounds, where the best of 10 wins the match.

If you’re attacking, you have three minutes to destroy one of two objectives using C4, whereas If you’re defending, you have to protect the bomb sites at all costs, either defusing the C4 once planted or holding the attacking team off until the round ends. After 5 rounds, the attacking and defending teams switch sides.


Unlike our other game types, you will not respawn. Once you’re killed, you’re out for the round, though you can still be revived or helped up by friendlies when incapacitated. If an entire team is killed, they lose the round.

Execution HUD

To let us know what you think of 'Execution', you can post in the forums. Also if you have any specific feedback for the map 'Overground' you can leave your thoughts in the forums too.

Any questions, just let us know. Happy fragging!

The Nader Update

The latest update is now live and ready to go. Amongst an array of balance changes to augments, abilities and weapons, Nader is also exploding onto the scene as the newest Merc in town.

Meet Nader

Nader is here and she’s not coming quietly. She’s exploding onto the scene with her revolving grenade launcher ready to take out enemy Mercs and Deployables alike. Even when downed, she is still dangerous. Get too close or don’t finish her off, she’ll use her Martyrdom ability insta-gibbing any enemies within the blast range.

Merc Rotations

Sawbonez and Artys rotation contracts have expired, but there is some fresh meat stepping up to the plate for you to try. Introducing Bushwhacker and Vasilli. One a turret-toting-tough guy ready to get in the thick of it, the other a solitary sniper patiently waiting to pop heads from a distance. Who will you pick up and try out first?

Ability Balancing

There have been a lot of balancing changes made in this update, particularly with deployables. We were finding that players were not being penalised for letting them get damaged and it gave them an advantage. To combat this we have made it so reclaiming deployables now only returns Cooldown proportional to the remaining health of the item. This prevents players picking up a low health deployable and being able to instantly replace it with a full-health one.

We have also now added a ‘set up time’ to Aura's healing station. This means that if she or her team-mates are engaging in a fire-fight they do not have access to group heal immediately. Instead, much like Bushwhackers turret, after she places the station it will take a second or two to get ready and then begins to heal. This puts more focus on using the Healing Station to fortify an area, rather than being used for on the move for quick healing.

New map in Dirty Bomb - Dome is Here!

As you have probably worked out from this post the other day, we have a new map coming into rotation. Dome is on its way into Dirty Bomb, however it is not quite complete. But this is where you come in. We want your feedback to make some additional changes before the map is fully finished and permanently released.

First things first is that the map will be in Blockout. This means there are limited textures which allows us to make changes easier than if it was already pretty and painted nicely. Before access to Dirty Bomb was open on Steam the map did a round of testing with our Founders, which we learned a lot and made changes. For those of you who have played on the map before, here are some details of changes made;

Primary Objective Area

The primary objective bunker has been replaced with a pit which provides sufficient cover from ground level attacks but is vulnerable to attacks from raised areas. Thus controlling the elevated areas becomes the most viable tactics for both teams and forces them to spread. The pit is much easier to guard from the distance and should encourage forward defense.

Objective OldObjective New

Final Objective Defenders Spawn

Final defenders spawn was refined to better define primary routes and to create easier access to the high ground.

With all that being said, the next step is up to you. We want your thoughts on the map so changes can be made before we shine it up and get it shipped out. You can do this via the forums here.

Thanks a lot for your help! #PlayDirty

Splash Damage achieves '2015 One to Watch' from Sunday Times accreditor Best Companies

Today at the studio we’re putting down our caffeine laced drinks and celebrating our ‘One to Watch’ accreditation from Best Companies! Best Companies aims to raise the bar when it comes to workplace environments, by finding out what makes companies splendid to work for, and then acknowledging this in their very best of ‘lists’.

When our very own CEO Paul Wedgwood took to the stage at the D.I.C.E summit, he focused on placing happiness at the heart of our everyday goals here at HQ, which is apparently more than simply testing out guns, tearing down enemies, and trying out new gear!

We’re a fun, autonomous bunch who are as much at home attacking each other in Dirty Bomb to attacking mud in Tough Mudder, and we shall continue to conjure up plans to be even more awesome.

The Bushwhacker Update

Inviting friends, a new Merc, Balance fixes and UI Updates. All this and more to come in the latest Patch Update.

Meet Bushwhacker

Bushwhacker is joining our merry band of playable Mercs, and he’s not afraid to wear a hat at all times. Better yet, Bushwhacker can set up an automated machine gun turret right on the battlefield, providing a handy portion of additional firepower. Much like Proxy, Bushwhacker is also great at tackling objectives, and you can customise him with a variety of SMGs and augments by collecting his Loadout Cards.

Hot-joining Friends

One of the most requested features has been to make playing with friends easy and convenient. We couldn’t agree more! The first round of improvements arrives with this update, adding two ways to link up with friends

Joining Friends’ Games

If your friend is playing a Casual Match in Dirty Bomb (via Quick Match or the Server Browser), and that match has open slots, you can now join them directly through the Steam friends list. To do this, open up the Steam friends list, right-click on your friend’s name, and select Join Game.

Sending Invites

This one’s handy if you’re the one playing and your match has open slots. Just bring up the Steam overlay, right-click the friend you want to invite to your game, and select Send Invite. If they accept, they’ll end up right on your server. Easy!

A Little Patch to Give You More Cases

Today we’ve had a little update go live for Dirty Bomb which improves the Equipment Case drop rates, fixes for ‘Quickplay’ so it works more efficiently and the server browser has had a couple of upgrades too. All of the fine details can be found in this forum thread, but the main awesome bit is…..case drop rates have been DOUBLED!! We do love our cases.

Dirty Bomb is Back: Instant Access, New Trailer, and Shiny Website

Put your radpants on, people - Dirty Bomb’s Beta is back online and here to stay. No more progress wipes – we’re now a fully live service. Read on for a new gameplay trailer, Instant Access to the game through the Merc Starter Pack, and a brand spanking website choc full of dirty goodies. Boom baby!