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Dirty Bomb presents... The Thunder Update

New Merc: Thunder

Thunder tells anyone who'll listen (and you really have no choice, THE DUDE'S LOUD) that he's ex-Spetsnaz. He's kind of vague on precisely which unit, or where he served, but he's so useful under fire that nobody gets too worked up. His English really is very good, if heavily accented. In fact, no one has ever actually heard him speak or seen him read Russian, including Sparks, who definitely does. Her theory? A lot of passports suddenly became available in the chaos that followed the Dirty Bomb attacks, providing some with an irresistible chance for a clean slate... So, he's Thunder and he's Russian. Got it? Good.

Thunder works best as the first person into the fray to shield his allies with his massive body. He's no slouch on offense either, as he can clear a room with a combination of LMG fire and a party favor with a nasty kick...

Concussion Grenades

Thunder's lone ability is more than enough to knock his enemies senseless. Cook and throw them like any other grenade, and they will detonate with an intense flash and concussive blast, rendering his victims helpless long enough for his team to deal with. Thunder even found a way to include an electronic scrambling effect with each explosion; any Deployable objects in the area of the explosion will be briefly disabled as well, incapable of shooting, healing or blowing themselves up.

New Primary Weapon: MK46 Light Machine Gun

The MK46: For when you just need a little more dakka. This Light Machine Gun holds more rounds than anything but Rhino's minigun and has a fearsome rate of fire. While not as accurate as an Assault Rifle, Thunder's never seemed to mind. After all, if it's worth shooting once, it's worth shooting many, many times.

Dirty Bomb Presents... Fine Tuning - November Update

While the Containment War Event rages on until the end of the month, we're digging in for another round of tweaks and fixes in this month's Fine Tuning Update. Put your bullet-point vest on and enjoy!

Splash Damage get dirty and more for Charity!

Splash Damage get dirty, back cakes and shoot some clays all in the name of Charity!

Dirty Bomb Presents... The Containment War Update

Welcome to the Containment War Update! In the latest to go live in the frag-filled world of Dirty Bomb you'll find the official release of Execution, three new permanently unlocked maps and much, much more!!

Dirty Bomb Presents... Fine Tuning - October Update

It's been nearly four months since Dirty Bomb hit Open Beta. Since then, we've released four new Mercs, furthered development of the prototype Dome Map and Execution Mode, added new features like Private Matches and new varieties of servers, made countless improvements and enough balance changes to keep Dirty Bomb as competitive as it can be... and the best is yet to come.

We're working on a major update, the biggest we've had since Dirty Bomb entered Open Beta, but we still need more time to get it ready. As such, October's Fine Tuning update is coming now, containing a few improvements and another selection of balance changes and bug fixes. Stay tuned as we get deeper into October for more info about what's coming up, and in the meantime enjoy October's Fine Tuning Update.

Dirty Bomb Presents... Fine Tuning - September Update

It's time for another Fine Tuning update! Along with our usual round of Balance Changes and Bug Fixes, we're making a significant update to the Lobby screen. Read on for more...

Dirty Bomb Fanart Friday

Dirty Bomb fan art always warms the cockles of our hearts. Just for fun, we’ve selected a few of our recent favorites - Check them out and send the artists some love!

Friday Splashdown - DB Nation, Tough Mudder and more!

This week has seen a lot of new features hitting Dirty Bomb with The Phoenix Update and the three week countdown has also begun until the Splash Team will take on Tough Mudder for our favourite charity Special Effect.

Dirty Bomb Presents... The Phoenix Update

We have a wealth of new features making their way into this update including Player Reporting and Private Matches, but also the new Merc Phoenix will be bringing his friendly Nanites to town.

Friday Splashdown - Special Effect, Phoenix and more!

We've had yet another busy week here at Splash Towers, including some of the team going off shooting clays and Gears of War: Ultimate Edition having its worldwide release. All that and more in this weeks Splashdown.

Special Effect Shooting Day

Ben Shooting with Special Effect

Last Friday a merry team of Splash Devs attended the Special Effect Clay Pigeon shooting day to help raise money and give something back to their excellent cause - Helping children with physical disabilities to play games with their friends and families. Wielding shotguns and the very latest in designer ear protection; Marco Tim, Ben, and Jack banded together, giving hell to every clay pigeon that was brave enough to leave the trap.

There’s no word on who performed best, but as Tim was the most senior member there we’re going to have to go with him...

Gears of War: Ulitmate Edition

Tips and Tricks

As Gears of War: Ultimate Edition has now received its worldwide release, it seems appropriate to have a closer look at those all-important multiplayer tactics. In another post this week we collated the tips and tricks videos put together by the Gears team to give you an insight on how to destroy your opponents on the battlefield. You can check out the Tips and Tricks #1 above, or click here to see the full article.