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Name Your Favourite User-Made Wolf: ET Maps

Countless levels have been created by tireless community mappers for Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory over the years, ranging from all manner of World War 2 scenarios to more outlandish projects like Minas Tirith and pirate ships. To find out which user-created maps have been the most memorable and/or fun, we're currently asking you - the community - exactly that over in our Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory forums. Quite a few people have already thrown their choices into the mix, and this is a great opportunity to shine the spotlight on some of the fantastic content created by Wolf's community of mappers.

With that in mind, if you're a connoisseur of Wolf: ET and have come across a community map you thought was particularly fantastic, tell us all about it!

Related, if you need to jog your memory, both Trackbase and SplatterLadder offer extensive data on the user-created multiplayer maps out in the wild right now. We look forward to your submissions!

GDC Talk Slides Available for Download: Building Brink's SMART System

Ever wanted to know how Brink’s SMART system actually works? Gameplay Programmer Arne-Olav ‘ao’ Hallingstad tackled this very subject at GDC San Francisco this year, walking people through the game’s iconic freedom of movement system and covering everything from early prototype all the way to final implementation. If you weren’t able to make it – or just want to refresh your memory – Arne’s talk Vault, Slide, Mantle: Building Brink’s SMART System, is now available in our Publications section, where you can find the original slides along with explanatory notes.

Incidentally, if you’ve never explored the Publications section before, we’ve got a host of other talks available there that are full of Facts and Knowledge:

Community Discussion: Website Content Wishlist

With the new Splash Damage and WarChest websites out and about, we're interested in hearing your thoughts about what kind of content you'd like to see us publish. Whether you want to know about the people working at either company, or the games we make, we'd love to hear your thoughts.

Several community members have already started posting suggestions, including staff interviews, game guides, and regular posts showcasing user-created content. Check out the discussion thread for all the ideas so far and don't forget to add your own!

We're Hiring! Creative Director Wanted

Splash Damage is currently looking for a Creative Director to join us full time at our studio in London, England. As Creative Director, you'll be heading up our projects and champion their vision across all departments and stakeholders. What sort of things will you be doing, you ask?

  • Establishing and leading the game's vision in collaboration with other team Leads. More specifically; in charge of the quality of all content and the depth of the game's vision
  • Communicating, supporting, and spreading the vision to the development team
  • Validating the content, jointly with the Producer and studio executives, and integrating feedback
  • Managing ideas and building consensus
  • To help grow and develop the creative capacity of the Studio

Suffice to say, you should be very experienced in the area of multiplayer games and be a great communicator with outstanding people skills. Check out the full Creative Director job description for details and get in touch if you think you have what it takes.

In addition, we've also got a variety of additional programming, art and design positions to fill. Head over to the Careers section for the full list.

Win a Signed Brink Mural to Celebrate Brink's Birthday

We've got a winner!

Congratulations to rippeon for being at the pointy end of our giveaway. We hope you enjoy the mural!

Thanks to everyone who entered and stay tuned for more giveaways of all shapes and sizes in the future.

Hurray! Brink, Splash Damage's first-ever multi-platform game was released in the US a year ago today, kicking off the hyperrealistic battle between the Resistance and Security. On this, Brink's first anniversary, we'd like to extend a huge Thank You to everyone who's fought to free and/or escape the Ark during these past 12 months.

To celebrate the occasion, we're signing one of the big huge Brink murals right now to give away right here on the site. For a chance to win it, just reply to this blog entry with the choice you made upon first launching the game (Save the Ark / Escape the Ark) and why you went for that one over the other.

Be sure to post your choice by 11:59 PM GMT on Sunday (13 May), and we'll randomly select a lucky winner from all of the entries the following Monday. More pictures of the mural below. Good luck!

Watch Tonight's Wolfenstein: ET Battle for Berlin Finals Live

Crossfire.nu's Battle for Berlin II tournament reaches its dramatic conclusion tonight, when the finals will be streamed live across the internet. Sponsored by Razer, The Battle for Berlin II is one of the largest Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory tournaments of the year and features the best teams currently in the game.

We're Hiring for Unannounced Projects

Splash Damage is currently on the look-out for additional artists, programmers, and designers to work on exciting, as-yet unannounced projects. Here's the full list of openings we've got at the moment - click on a position to learn more about it:




  • Production Tester

Splash Damage offers a comprehensive benefits package to all full-time members of staff. Check out our Culture section to find out more about what it's like to work here and don't forget to browse our extensive Living in London guide for everything you need to know about moving to London and living here.

If there's nothing there for you at the moment, why not sign up for our Jobs RSS feed or subscribe to email updates?

We look forward to hearing from you!

Happy World Tapir Day!

Once again, somehow, it's April 27th. And you know what that means? You know what that means. Yes, it's World Tapir Day, the day where we worship the World-Tapir, thanking her for the gift of life itself, for her snortling, her snuffles, her odd-toed...wait, what? Really? Oh. OK, it appears I've been misinformed, but it's still excellent news. You see, apparently World Tapir Day is a world-wide day of celebration of the Tapir, Splash Damage's mascot, totem and talisman.

Community Question: Preferred Field of View

Community, most PC gamers love customising their playing experience - be it by adjusting the controls, fine-tuning the video settings, or tweaking a few gameplay options here and there. In first person shooters, Field of View (FOV) is one the things players often adjust to their liking and we've had different default settings for it over the years. This brings us rather neatly to this week's Community Question:

What Field of View (FOV) do you usually play your PC first person shooters at?

To cast your vote, head over to this week's Community Question poll. As a bonus question for the comments, we'd like to know from you if the game's overall speed influences your FOV decision. We look forward to your replies!

The Future of Splash Damage, WarChest, and Fireteam

Splash Damage, Fireteam, WarChest - how does it all fit together? As part of their recent visit, GamaSutra has published an information-packed feature, looking at each of the three companies, what they add to the overall family, and what you can expect from them in the future. Here's a slice:

"...about a year ago, we started to realize that there was this potential to achieve vertical integration as a company - to be the funder, creator, developer, operator, perhaps even the publisher of content that we created."

This is what led to both Fireteam and WarChest coming into existence, and Splash Damage's call-to-arms for free-to-play games that are both high-quality and non-exploitative.

"We're talking about games as a service," Wedgwood notes. "Rather than developing games purely for their first week, we think about long-term player engagement, not just for a couple of months, but for 2-5 years, and we can continue to serve that community post-release."

If you're interested in the business behind the businesses, this is a fantastic piece for you to sink your teeth into. Read the rest over at GamaSutra.