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Batman: Arkham Origins multiplayer hands-on previews are here!

Want to know what Batman: Arkham Origins multiplayer is like to play? Several sites got to try their hand at a few rounds of Batman: Arkham Origins multiplayer recently, and they've written up their impressions.

Here's a slice from Destructoid:

I'm relieved to tell you that while there is a new multiplayer mode in the game and it is being developed by Splash Damage studios, "Invisible Predator" online mode is an incredibly fun and appealing addition that works within the storyline framework and is a great addition on its own merit. During a recent playthrough in the Blackgate Prison map, I got a chance to see how it all works and just how badass it is to be Batman against live players.

Check below for the full list of previews so far:

Announcing Batman: Arkham Origins Multiplayer

We're excited to reveal that Splash Damage is creating the multiplayer component of the eagerly anticipated Batman: Arkham Origins. This is the first time an Arkham game is set to have multiplayer of any kind, and we've put together what we think is a unique and authentic extension of Arkham's acclaimed single player.

Batman: Arkham Origins multiplayer takes the series' trademark Invisible Predator gameplay online, and allows you to play as Batman, Robin, or an elite member of The Joker or Bane's gang in exciting 3 vs 3 vs 2 multiplayer matches. Watch the official reveal trailer to see it in action:

Scheduled Maintenance This Thursday

Update: Maintenance complete! Thanks for your patience!

Original story: We will be performing scheduled back-end maintenance this Thursday (that's tomorrow!) at 8 AM UK / 9 CEST / 3 AM EST / midnight PST.

We expect this maintenance window to take up to around 2 hours barring any major hiccups, and during this time, the following services will not be available:

  • WarChest account services (in other words, anything located at auth.warchest.com)
  • SplashDamage.com
  • Splash Damage forums
  • DirtyBombGame.com
  • RAD Soldiers multiplayer and in-game store
  • Dirty Bomb Closed Alpha

We'll be posting riveting updates on our Twitter, so be sure to check that if you're feeling lonely.

We're Hiring! Programmers and an Animator Wanted

We're looking for additional talent to strengthen our London-based development team, including a small army of programmers and an animator. Click a position to find out more about it:



Splash Damage offers a comprehensive benefits package to all successful applicants. Check out our Culture section to find out more about what it's like to work here and don't forget to browse our extensive Living in London guide for everything you need to know about moving to London and living here.

If there's nothing there for you at the moment, why not sign up for our Jobs RSS feed or subscribe to email updates? We look forward to hearing from you.

Watch: Ed Stern Discusses Story in Games at Rezzed

Splash Damage's Lead Writer Ed Stern managed to infiltrate the "Is storytelling in games any better?" panel at this year's Rezzed, where he joined Obsidian's Chris Avellone, Bohemia's Dean Hall, Red Thread's Ragnar Tornquist, and The Indie Stone's Will Porter. Much story-driven single and multiplayer ground was covered during the hour-long session, and, best of all, you can now relive the entire thing via the video recording below:

Sponsor SD Staff Tackling 'Tough Mudder' for Charity SpecialEffect!

Tough Mudder events are challenging. Let's face it, if an obstacle course is designed by Special Forces to be as testing as possible, it's probably not the easiest thing in the world to get through. Completely ignoring rumblings of ice-filled swimming pools, mud-filled pipes, electroshocks, trench warfare, and, of course, The Gauntlet, we decided to have a go in the name of our charity of choice, SpecialEffect.

If you haven't heard of SpecialEffect before, it's a wonderful organisation that works to make gaming accessible to people with disability, often children who'd never been able to experience a video game. We previously ran lots in the British 10K in SpecialEffect's name, and our own Paul Wedgwood also serves as Vice President of the charity.

So, this Tough Mudder thing. Nine of us are taking on the South England event this weekend, and you can support their effort by sponsoring them. Just head to our JustGiving page, pick your favourite Splasher out of the bunch, and make your donation. All proceeds go to SpecialEffect so they can continue their great work and bring games to more disabled children.

Good luck this weekend, MudSplashers, and a big huge thanks to those becoming sponsors!

Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory is Ten!

It's been a year since we celebrated WolfenNine, which can mean only one thing - Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory is now eligible for double-digits! Say it with me:

Happy 10th birthday, Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory!

Wolf's community is as active as ever, with new maps, mods, and big projects such as ETLive in active development. You continue to amaze and delight us, and your dedication and passion for the game are the reason it's still around now, an entire decade after its release. An absolute eternity in video game terms. So, a campaign-sized thanks to you, Wolfenstein community - stay awesome!

Sign-ups for Latest Quake Wars Tournament Now Open

Sign-ups are now open for the latest Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars tournament. Aptly titled GG Tournament, it's a 4 vs 4 double elimination affair, with cash and Dirty Bomb Elite Packs awaiting the winners.

Teams need to consist of at least four players, and you can enlist your squad right now via the GG Tournament website. Sign-ups close on 12 May, with the action kicking off the next day.

For a full list of rules, check out the comments. Good luck, human food/fearsome Strogg!

Paul Wedgwood: Splash Damage's F2P games 'as ethical as possible'

Free-to-play gaming and In-App Purchases have been in the news lately, with the UK’s Office of Fair Trading now investigating free-to-play games and their monetisation practices. Willard Foxton over at the Telegraph argues that parents should take more responsiblity in an editorial, which also features Splash Damage's CEO Paul Wedgwood.

Paul sheds some light on common free-to-play practices and how we're approaching the genre:

I grew up on a council estate - when I was a kid, I couldn't afford games, and if I could afford one, it had to be really good. We try to be as ethical as possible with our games. We wanted something that was great, that could be played well by putting in time and little money; something that's completely free from the start.

A lot of free to play games are over-monetised; that's partly because lots of them are developed in the far east, where people have a different view of how you should succeed at gaming. In the West, we tend to see that the person with the most skill should win, not the person with the most money.

What’s your take on the free-to-play market? Do you agree with Paul's stance?

Travel to Rio in Latest RAD Soldiers Game Update

The latest RAD Soldiers game update is now available for free in the App Store, and it's a big one! Titled Party in Rio, it whisks your soldiers away to sunny Brazil where you’ll get to explore a ton of new single player and multiplayer content.

In fact, there’s so much new stuff in this update that we’ve put together a quick video to show it all off. Watch it below:

Surf over to the WarChest blog for much more on Party in Rio and be sure to post your first impressions in the comments!