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Splash Damage-mentored Dead Shark Triple Punch Win Make Something Unreal 2013!

We're enormously excited to see that our pals over at Dead Shark Triple Punch were declared winners of this year's Make Something Unreal contest with their fast-paced multiplayer shooter Epigenesis! This fantastic victory came at the end of the week-long live finals held at Birmingham's NEC as part of the Gadget Show Live. Dead Shark Triple Puch was mentored by Splash Damage and Fireteam's Steve Gaffney for the final stretch of the competition, and we're enormously proud to see them come away with a win.

Epigenesis is a fast-and-furious team shooter built around a futuristic ballsport played on floating platforms, and it's built around precision and acrobatic movement. If this intrigues you, check out the video below to see DST's Tobias Johansson show the game off to PC Games N:

Introducing the Dirty Bomb Pre/Post-Mission Readiness Kit

Let's face it, being a Mercenary in Dirty Bomb is tough. Every assignment, you're sprinting from one objective to the next while dodging air strikes, bullets and grenades, while enduring nagging vsays and fisheye FOVs. And let's not even mention the countless respawns - that can't be good for your pores.

This is why we're incredibly excited to announce the immediate availability* of Dirty Bomb Pre/Post-Mission Readiness Kit, a suite of bodily pacification and regeneration tools designed specifically for the hardworking mercenaries of irradiated, near-future dystopias.

Community Question: Upcoming Dirty Bomb Videos

Community, we've released several videos of Dirty Bomb so far, teasing the setting, showing lots of raw gameplay, and explaining the Echo analytics system underpinning the game. Work on the next video is already in full swing, and we wanted to get your input on what area you would like to see us tackle once that's done. Enter this week's Community Question:

What part of Dirty Bomb do you want to be the focus of a future video?

We've assembled a few common choices in this week's poll - you've got a single vote so be sure to pick whatever you're most interested in. If you want to see something entirely different, let us know what that is in your reply.

Sneak Peek: RAD Soldiers Balancing Changes

We've been keeping a close eye on your balancing feedback over the past few weeks, and we've also been monitoring how people are playing the game - what soldiers see combat, which ones usually stay home, and which ones have a hard time getting recruited in the first place.

We've put together a whole stack of balance changes to address a lot of what we have (or haven't) seen since the game launched. We’re now play-testing these and will roll them out in the next update.

While these tweaks are still subject to change, we wanted to give you an early look at what we've got in mind so that you can see what's coming and give us some early feedback.

Sony Confirm Splash Damage Working with Next Generation Console Technology

At last night's "See The Future" event, Sony provided an early look the next PlayStation, including specs, features, and a few of the games. Also announced was the line-up of developers supporting Sony's new console, and Splash Damage is one of them. What we're working on we can't reveal yet, but we're excited to be part of the developer community for PlayStation 4.

What are you hoping for from PlayStation 4?

Check out brand-new Dirty Bomb fan site Dirty Bombers!

Forumite and Dirty Bomb Founder ImageOmage has launched DirtyBombers, a brand-new fan site for Dirty Bomb. The site already features a comprehensive assortment of information about the game, including classes, games modes, and setting, and ImageOmega regularly writes interesting editorials focused on particular areas of multiplayer gaming, including live streaming, community building, and class design. It's good stuff all around - have a look!

Photo Blog: Creating a Dirty Bomb Nerf Gun

Nerf guns - they're really rather popular here at Splash Damage. One of our artists, Laurens Corijn, already made his mark with a custom Nerf gun based on Brink a few months ago, and he's now taken things to a whole other level of awesome. Dirty Bomb, our latest multiplayer shooter, was to be his source of inspiration, and being the Nerf enthusiast he is, Laurens decided that his latest custom Nerf gun would be a sniper rifle. Read on to find out how Laurens went about building the gun, along with plenty of photos of the finished article!

The modifications made by Laurens make this rifle more powerful than a standard Nerf Gun. Splash Damage does not endorse these kinds of modifications, and Nerf blasters modified in this manner definitely don't belong in the hands of children. Always be careful when handling a modified Nerf blaster, and never aim at eyes.

With that disclaimer out of the way, take it away, Laurens:

Splash Damage in 2013 - A Message from Paul Wedgwood

Last year we promised that we'd start our second decade with the same degree of enthusiasm as our first. We did just that! We self-published with WarChest, we launched RAD Soldiers for mobile, we created Fireteam.net's online services suite, announced our entirely self-funded PC-shooter Dirty Bomb, and we expanded Splash Damage's talented development team.

2012's incredible success was entirely due to you, and the stats today prove it: whether you installed our games, tested them, played them, rated them, or talked about them, you did it at record levels! I'd like to give you a bit more detail, and a quick glimpse of what you can expect from us in the coming weeks and months.

Dirty Bomb Closed Alpha Officially Begins - Join Today!

Get ready to deploy, Soldier! We’re hugely excited to announce that the Dirty Bomb Closed Alpha has officially begun, and we’ve started mailing out alpha keys to members of the Dirty Bomb Founder’s Club. If you’ve already joined up, keep checking your inbox. If you’re dying to get into the Closed Alpha, visit the Founder’s Club website. You’ll be directly supporting Dirty Bomb’s development, and are able to shape what the game becomes through your feedback.

Dirty Bomb is powered by a great little tool we call Echo, and it’s a big part of why we’re able to give you access to Dirty Bomb this early in development. Developed by the talented chaps over at Fireteam, Echo basically collects and visualises detailed data from all of Dirty Bomb’s multiplayer servers, allowing us to balance and optimise the game in ways we couldn’t before.

We’re so excited by Echo that we’ve put together a brand-new video showcasing its role in Dirty Bomb’s development. Take a look:

Thanks to Echo, every single match that’s played in Dirty Bomb actively contributes to making the game better. If you’re itching for a chance to help test Dirty Bomb and give us your feedback during the Closed Alpha, check out the Dirty Bomb Founder’s Club. We hope to see you online in Dirty Bomb!

New RAD Soldiers Game Update: Free RAD Bux, Store Lock-ups, and more!

Commanders, listen up! We've put together a new update for RAD Soldiers addressing a lot of the early feedback we received following the worldwide release. Among other things, we've fixed an issue where you’re not credited the proper amount of free RAD Bux when leveling up (better yet, you'll receive any missed RAD Bux retroactively) as well as an issue where the store wouldn't open correctly. On the gameplay side, the Deployable Cover ability is now limited to once per match, while Sneaky Pete's Headshot ability no longer affects SMGs in undue ways.

Here’s the full changelog: