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Splash Damage Looking for IT Manager

We are seeking an IT Manager to join us full-time in our offices based in London, England. A full description of the position, required skills, the benefits we offer, and information on how to apply can be found here in the Jobs section.

More Production Testers Needed!

We're midway through building our full-time Production Testing Team. Our Production Testers will work with our Development Team on Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars and potentially beyond.

For the remaining positions, we're looking for applicants with specific experience of playing Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory at clan/league level. Applicants must already be located in the London/Kent area as all positions are full-time based at our offices in London, England.

Full details are available on our Jobs Page.

Production Testers Found

We've hired all our Production Testers. Thanks to those that applied, apologies to those I haven't had a chance to reply to directly.

Splash Damage is Recruiting!

Splash Damage is currently seeking a Lead Environmental Artist, a Level Designer, and several Artists to join our studios in London, England. We are looking for self-motivated and enthusiastic people with a talent and passion for advancing interactive entertainment. As one of the leading game developers in Europe, Splash Damage offers competitive salaries and excellent benefits. Head over to the Jobs section to find out more!

Splash Damage Looking for Junior Tools Programmer

Update: This position has now been filled. We would like to thank everybody who applied.

We are currently looking for a Junior Tools Programmer to join our team full-time at our studio near London, England. You'll be working closely with our Tools Programmer to improve our existing set of development tools and to implement new ones. Click here for more information about the position, the skills we're looking for, the benefits we offer, and how to apply!

Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory Five Years Old Today

It doesn't seem possible but Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, our first actual factual released game is five of your Earth-Years old. Today. Soon it'll be old enough to drink. And vote. And play with other games.

An enormous thank you to everyone who worked on Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, and played it and are stiiiiillllll playing it and made it so popular and thus helped Splash Damage become the Pulsating Temple of Possibilities that it now is.


Snap to Grid: Dusk Mod, ATW3, and More!

Following up on the smash hit that was the initial installment, ETQW Mapping's Terry 'Salteh' Seidler once again deploys his all-seeing editing community observer telescope for another episode of Snap to Grid.

In this latest chapter, we take a look at the very cool Dusk mod, which seeks to combine the thrill of being chased by a horde of hungry Strogg zombies with the excitement of getting the heck away from them. There's also a round-up of some of the maps currently floating around the editing forums, complete with download links and such. On to the words!

Splash Damage Looking for Technical Animator

As we continue to expand for our unannounced title with Bethesda Softworks, we are looking to add a Technical Animator to our team. Follow the link for a full job description, including desired skills and experience, and benefits we offer.

In addition to this opening, we are actively hiring for a number of other positions across most major development disciplines - an up-to-date overview of all vacancies can be found in the Jobs section.

Splash Damage Partners with Bethesda Softworks

After months of rumors and speculation, we're very excited to announce that Splash Damage has entered a long-term partnership with developer and publisher Bethesda Softworks for our latest project. Founded in 1986, Bethesda is the company behind blockbuster titles such as The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion and is currently working on the highly anticipated Fallout 3.

More details on this deal can be found here in the official press release, while information about what we're working on will be provided in the coming months.

Members of the media may direct any inquires related to this announcement to press@splashdamage.com.

Splash Damage Looking for Console Programmers

We are currently looking to expand the console side of our Programming Team with the addition of a Senior Xbox 360 Programmer and a Senior PlayStation 3 Programmer. Hit the respective links for more information on the positions, including what we're looking for in prospective candidates and the benefits we offer. A full list of all open positions can be found in the Jobs section.