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Tapir Wars: Welcome to the Jungle

Game Overview


"This time, it's instantly familiar."
- Game Box


Tapir Wars: Welcome to the Jungle™ is the semi-sequel to 2008's Odd-Toed Game of the Year Tapir Wars™. Set in Splash Damage's rich and unique Tapirverse™, Tapir Wars: Welcome to the Jungle gently nudges the boundaries of vegetarian warfare with a game that looks and plays exactly the same as its predecessor.

Tapir Wars: Welcome to the Jungle continues the story of an anonymous squad of elite tapirs who've seen it all as they blast, munch and cigar their way through the surprisingly sparse jungles of South East Asia, continuing their hunt for the rogue traitor mole double agent ninja zombie pirate mastermind only known as Nina who is also secretly a penguin.

Key Features

  • Oddly Familiar Environments
    Tapir Wars: Welcome to the Jungle moves the action from the rain forests of South America to the equally green jungles of Asia.
  • Unimproved Gameplay
    Take command of the same Tapirmobiles™ and Tapirplanes™ you already know, while accomplishing Tapirobjectives™ you're incredibly familiar with using Tapirguns™ you were most likely hoping to never see again.
  • Fewer Customization Options
    Tapir Wars: Welcome to the Jungle introduces Manageable Character Customization™ (MCC), which limits customization options to a sensible few and ensures that players are out on the battlefield viciously killing enemies rather than spending time needlessly dressing up their tapir warrior.
  • Exact Same Engine
    Tapir Wars: Welcome to the Jungle is powered by Splash Damage's R.O.A.R.™ Engine, the proven technology that already provided gamers with leaf-perfect detail at gentle frame rates in the first Tapir Wars.



"You'll never look at tapirs the same way."
- Anonymous Focus Tester



Behind The Scenes: Characters

Tapirs naturally play a big role in the Tapirverse and one of the goals for Tapir Wars: Welcome to the Jungle was to replicate the fidelity found in the original Tapir Wars down to the last hair. To accomplish this, the development team took an all-new and supremely ground-breaking approach that will revolutionize game development for eons to come. Here to explain this cutting edge process is Senior Tapir Artist Laurel "Tully" Austin.

"For Tapir Wars: Welcome to the Jungle, we wanted to replicate the fidelity found in the original Tapir Wars down to the last pixel, so we asked the talented folks at BETA Workshop to build physical models for each of the characters found in the Tapirverse. These were then scanned using our full-body scanner here at Splash Damage and turned into 3D models to be used in the game.

"That's not all, though. We really wanted to make sure that we have the greatest possible amount of control over the characters and the way they behave in the game, so our artists devised a new process dubbed Static Frame Animation, or Esfah. With Esfah, BETA builds a separate, physical model for each frame of animation we have in the game, which are then digitized and imported. It's a ton of work but we believe players will definitely be able to tell the difference in quality."

Better yet, tapir lovers around the world will be delighted to learn that Tapir Wars: Welcome to the Jungle even benefits real-life tapirs, with the thousands of tapir statues originally created for the game's character models now being used by zoos around the world as playmates and even surrogate mothers for baby tapirs.

A statue being scanned for use in the game.

The finished in-game model.

Baby tapirs love Tapir Wars.

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"Penguins are evil."
- Anonymous Tapir



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