The People

Dann Y

Lead Gameplay Programmer

Joining us from the back of a fearsome and apparently external combustion engined motor-bi-cycle comes Dann.

Dann was originally formed by brazing in a furnace retort, indeed he still snacks on strips of amorphous brazing foil. Mmmmm! Eutectic! He claims not to be much of a numismatist but anyone who's heard even a snatch of his passionate unprompted public lectures will instantly know two things. A: he's clearly an authority on singled-sided coins and 2: his new typology of bracteates sets him in violent opposition to the theories of Christian Jürgensen Thomsen. But honestly, who are you going to believe, the author of Om Guldbracteaterne og Bracteaternes tidligste Brug som Mynt, or Dann with his mo-tor-bi-cy-cle? Yeah, I thought so.

In his spare time he collects original Jules-Émile Péan haemostats, but he does dabble in the Kocher varieties from time to time. He's a big fan of Pickering emulsions, adsorbency and surfactants in general. He's very excited by the potential of that new-fangled colloidosome encapsulation method. But who amongst us is not?

Dann's all about the cartilege and ligament and tendons but cannot abide sinew. And who can blame him. OK, yeah, that guy, fair point, but we're all cool now.

Things You Were Too Afraid To Ask...

Every once in a while, we interrogate one of our own and put their answers up for all the world to see. Read on to find out more about what Dann does, how he ended up at Splash Damage, and more.

What do you do at Splash Damage?

I am a Senior Gameplay Programmer and spend my time implementing design features, providing technical feedback and fixing stuff.

Why did you want to work in the games industry and how did you get started?

Considering I spend most of my life playing games, I decided the remainder would be best spent making them. I have strong opinions when it comes to FPS games and it is great to be able to influence the direction and outcome (even if it's just a little bit).

Do you have any tips for people wanting to break in?

I can only really speak for coders looking to break in here, and I would personally recommend a Software Engineering degree. It will give you the right foundation for developing well designed structured code and a good understanding of the language. Second to that, I personally find that demos are very important to be able to show your potential employer what you can do and what you are interested in.

What games have you worked on? Which one did you enjoy the most?

The main titles I have previously worked on are Street Racing Syndicate, The Movies and Fable 2.

I would say that being part of the engine team of Fable 2 was probably my best experience as I got to work on lots of cool visual effects and low level optimizations.

How did you end up at Splash Damage?

I had previously worked with Richard Ham on Fable 2 and he informed me of the available position at Splash Damage. I am a big FPS gamer, and Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory is one of my favorite games ever so I couldn't pass up the opportunity. Also, Splash Damage happens to be located near where I live which is always a bonus. :)

What is it like to work at Splash Damage?

There is a great team atmosphere in Splash Damage without all the office politics and corporate BS you find in so many other places. For me, the best thing is that Splash Damage has a lot of real hardcore gamers and it's great to work with very talented individuals who really care about the games they work on.

What are the best and worst parts of your job?

The best part is PASTRY FRIDAYS, the worst is watching a feature close to your heart being cut from the game for whatever reason.

What was your first gaming experience?

Something on the Atari 2600. I was too young to remember the name.

What types of games do you like, and what's your favorite game of all time?

I pretty much only play first person shooters, although I have been known to play some of the Final Fantasy games for a few days solid with no breaks. As for my favorite game of all time, that's a hard one… I can't really decide between L4D 1 & 2, Counter Strike, Quake 3 Rocket Arena, Wolfenstein: ET and Thief 1 & 2. I also think that Splinter Cell Chaos Theory: VERSUS is worth a mention here as it is awesome.

What's the meaning behind your nickname?

Not telling.

What do you enjoy doing when you're not at work?

Riding my motorbike, staring at the screen playing games and pwning n00bs, staring at the screen watching movies and staring at the screen programming.