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AI Programmer

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Job Description

As Splash Damage’s AI Programmer, you be responsible for implementing and refining the Artificial Intelligence for the multiplayer as well as single player components of our games. You will work with Splash Damage’s Programming Team on all issues related to AI, and work closely with the Design teams and Gameplay Programmers to coordinate deliverables.

  • Work with the Design Team to define AI requirements
  • Implement AI behavioural features and refine as needed
  • Implement AI navigation features and refine as needed
  • Ensure correct operation of AI features in a networked environment where required

Essential Skills and Experience

  • Prior AI programming experience on a shipped title
  • Strong interest in researching and implementing new AI related technologies
  • Experienced and proficient in C++
  • Ability to write clear, maintainable, portable code
  • Good verbal and written English skills
  • Strong math background

Preferred Skills and Experience

  • Knowledge of id technologies
  • Experience with console development
  • Experience with multi-threaded development

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