Splash DamageJobsEnvironment Art Test (2012)

Environment Art Test (2012)

Art test concept artSplash Damage is working on an exciting, unannounced new game. We are always looking for talented and exceptional artists to come join our art team and intend for this test to enable artists to demonstrate their talents.

The illustration is a guideline, and what we are looking for is how you can interpret this drawing into 3D. Close attention should be paid to how to marry the old with the new, so that the piece contains architectural elements and materials from different time periods.

Texturing is open for interpretation, as well. If you want to change or add to the silhouette please feel free to do so. Putting your own stamp onto the project is important and demonstrates how you can take a design and confidently elaborate on it, adding detail and making it feel like part of real a world. Equally important is the execution and the final render is key to demonstrating that you have an eye for lighting and composition.

Constraints are largely open; however, we would prefer to see knowledge and self-application of restraint with the texture and poly-count budget. Smart use of tiling textures for the main buildings, and a detail sheet for more specific elements are our preferred approach.

There is no specific time limit on this test, but if you are applying for an advertised position, please be aware that we will be looking to fill the role as soon as possible.

The final deliverables should include:

  • Renders of the low poly model
  • Samples of the texture sheets showing the layout of the UVs

If you have any questions or are uncertain please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Send your images as a ZIP file attachment in an email to jobs@splashdamage.com.

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