Splash DamageBlogThings You Were Afraid to Ask: Radek 'ElDonaldo' Szczepanczyk

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Things You Were Afraid to Ask: Radek 'ElDonaldo' Szczepanczyk

RadekThe latest staff member to be gently and yet firmly wheeled into the spotlight of our on-going series of interviews is Radek 'ElDonaldo' Szczepanczyk. Radek is a Technical Environment Artist and comes to Splash Damage having created artsy bits for Racedriver: Grid and at least two giant robots (which, to be fair, are pretty much required for anyone wanting to work on games).

To find out what Radek's job entails, how he ended up at Splash Damage and, indeed, in the industry, and what all this means, peruse the full interview in his profile.