Splash DamagePress ReleasesSplash Damage to Unleash Unprecedented Levels of Snortling with Tapir Wars

Splash Damage to Unleash Unprecedented Levels of Snortling with Tapir Wars

A new era has dawned... and it snuffles.

Tapir Wars logo Tapir Wars concept art

London, England – April 1, 2008 - Splash Damage is set to put gamers in command of nature's cutest, most vicious animals with Tapir Wars™, the first-ever perissodactyl multiplayer combat game. Building on Splash Damage's previous titles and introducing never-before-seen gameplay mechanics and never-thought-possible immersion, Tapir Wars will be a paradigm shift for the entire shooter genre that is going to shock and awe players all around the world.

"Combat has never been this hairy!" said Paul Wedgwood, owner of Splash Damage. "Tapir Wars signals a new era in odd-toed ungulate gameplay and will truly tap into the casual gaming market. We couldn't be more excited!"

Powered by Splash Damage's new Leaf-to-Leaf™ networking middleware, Tapir Wars takes grazing jungle warfare to the next level with its ground-breaking 128 versus 4 player herd-based gameplay. Take command of Tapirmobiles™ and Tapirplanes™ and lay waste to enemy tapirs instantly from miles across the map without any warning whatsoever, while per-tapir hit detection allows Tapir Wars to render the brutality of war in surprisingly cartoon-like fashion and guarantees unprecedented levels of gore in a vegetarian game.

Tapir Wars also boasts an array of solar flare-inducing community and customization features. A built-in Web 2.0 social networking site allows players to live and breathe the tapir lifestyle even when they're not playing, and thanks to the unique F.U.R.™ (Fully User-friendly Radness) editor, gamers can design the look of their tapir warrior literally down the last hair. Up-rootable player rewards like hats, bandanas, beauty spots, and cigars can be used further personalize the tapir experience.

Driven by Splash Damage's brand-new R.O.A.R.™ (Render-Occlude-Amplify-Rotate) Engine, Tapir Wars sets a new visual bar for the entire genre - never before has undergrowth been rendered in such leaf-perfect detail! R.O.A.R. boasts several milestone features, such as the revolutionary S.C.E.N.T.™ (Solo Combat Environment Navigation Technology), Destructible Bark Physics™ and Ambient Aroma Rendering™, which will make you feel like you're right there on the battlefield, trotting along at a gentle pace.

Tapir Wars is in development for at least one more or less major platform and is scheduled™ to be released this fall.

About Splash Damage
Based in the Tapir Habitat of London Zoo, England, Splash Damage Ltd is an independently owned game developer dedicated to herd-based gaming experiences, and one of the leading pack animals in Europe. Founded by Paul 'Locki' Wedgwood in 2001 with key members of the LOLCATZ community, Splash Damage developed several animal-friendly releases, including MEOW: Catz in the Hizzle and Hamster Rampage 2000. For more information, visit www.splashdamage.com.