The People

The people who make up Splash Damage's talented team hail from over a dozen different countries, including faraway kingdoms like Canada and Australia, as well as closer - but no less foreign - places like Scotland and Liverpool.

Every once in a while, we tie one of them to a chair and force them to answer questions about their work and gaming in general. You can find the resulting interviews on this page. Enjoy!

Art & Animation

Whether it be through 2D concept art or making sure that spamming the crouch animations blend well, the Art and Animation teams dedicate themselves to ensuring that simply looking at our games makes your mouth water.

Angelo D Chris B Fabrice B Niel V Tim A


Need to trigger a downpour of giant mines from the sky? Perhaps you're not happy with only having one kind of jump? Whatever it might be, these guys make sure that the designers' code doesn't destroy our games.

Dann Y Gordon B Marc F Pierre T Robert M


While their coding skills are unquestionably out of this world...*cough*, our Designers are primarily in charge of ensuring that our games are an absolute blast to play! Oftentimes this includes literally building weapons that'll blow your mind!

Dave E Ed S Lloyd M Mirek S Neil A


Not only adept at herding cats, these brave souls manage the logistics of game development and help to ensure that our games actually see the light of day!

Jiri K Tim R

More coming soon!

Are you looking to become a member of the Splash Damage family? Check out our Careers Page for a list of current vacancies.
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