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Environment Art Test: Alien Foliage


At Splash Damage we look for passionate and imaginative artists that are keen to drive the aesthetic of our games to greater heights. We want artists to get involved and be part of the creative process, and have ownership of the work they create here. We also encourage people to share knowledge and work as part of a team dedicated to making inspiring games that people will be amazed by.

With that in mind, for this Environment Art Test we would like to see the potential candidate demonstrate their imagination and passion by interpreting this loose brief and crafting something that will truly impress.

The Brief

Design and sculpt an alien plant or tree type form, using any 3D software of your choice.
The candidate will be scored on their ability to create an interesting form and credible design, as well as their technical understanding of creating assets for in-game use.

Candidates should also think about why this organic structure is the way it is. Does it have certain properties or visual characteristics that lend to it being in a certain kind of environment? What would happen if you were to repeat this form? Would it tile and look repetitive or would simply rotating and scaling give you a greater variation?

Studying existing organics is always a good point of reference, especially for providing credibility to your designs.


The candidate must provide images of the following in either JPEG or PNG format:

  • The high-resolution sculpt, from multiple angles
  • The low-polygon in-game resolution mesh
  • Wireframe and no normal-maps, from multiple angles
  • With normal-map applied, from multiple angles
  • The UV layout of the low-polygon mesh
  • The baked normal maps

Send your images as a ZIP file attachment in an email to jobs@splashdamage.com.

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