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Environment Art Test

Click to enlargeApplicants should consider attempting this art test to prove that they can handle a full asset creation workflow including modeling and texturing. Please create a scene based off the concept provided, to these specifications:

  • Model the scene based on the concept art provided (above). Do not use more than 20,000 triangles for the whole scene.
  • Texture the scene, with the following requirements in mind:
    • The scene is an exterior, and the textures should represent that.
    • The scene should consist of at least 3 different materials (wood, metal, concrete, etc.)
    • All textures should have diffuse, specular and normal-maps.
    • Fill out the scene with props and clutter as you see fit. These should be included in the scene's triangle count limit.

Please include the following in your submission:

  • A hardware render of the scene (e.g. application viewport or game engine screenshot). Do not use ray-tracing or advanced lighting solutions to present your work (lightmaps are allowed).
  • All textures used in the scene (diffuse, normal, & specular maps).
  • The models that make up the scene (in a 3d application format).

Send your images as a ZIP file attachment in an email to jobs@splashdamage.com.

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