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Online Interviews

Sometimes we wheel ourselves out from behind our desks in order to talk to people in the media and to spread the Splash Damage gospel. Here are a few of these attempts:

Featured Interviews

featured coverageThe Telegraph interviews Paul Wedgwood
"We're never going to do a film tie in that has to come out in time for the movie, we're not going to do ports or expansions of other people's games unless it's developer IP that we absolutely love. So we'll happily work on other people's IP, but it has to have credibility. There has to be this vision that if we work on an IP it will be brilliant envisaged as a video game."
featured coverageEdge Online interviews Paul Wedgwood
"Nailing the crunch problem is a real priority for Splash Damage, and getting to a point where, when we do overtime, it's planned in advance and we're able to compensate people appropriately for, in an ideal world, volunteering to do additional work."

More Interviews

Magazine Covers

Our games have featured on the covers of several magazines around the world. Here are some of our favorites:

Game ReactorPS3M GermanyPC PowerPlay AustraliaWin GiochiPC Zone UKVietGamePlayStation Official Magazine UKCanard PCComputer Gaming WorldThe Games MachineThe Games MachineNVIDIAPC ActionPC ActionPC GameplayPC GamerPC Gamer SwedenPCGZinePC PowerplayPC ZonePC ZonePC ZoneScoreTotal Jeux PCXbox 360

If you've spotted us elsewhere, please let us know.

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