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Character Art Test

Splash Damage is currently taking applications for character artist positions. As part of our application process we are offering the opportunity to participate in the following character art test:

Sculpt the upper torso based on the concept art we supply.

You can use the mesh of the body we have supplied for you as a base to work from.

Meet Bob the Bank Robba.

The concept is intentionally loose, leaving plenty of details to be determined by the artist. As you can clearly see the character has layers of visible clothing having both a shirt and a hooded top. This is important as we want the artist to focus on the clothing work.

The hoodie has been repaired with some gaffer tape and is showing signs of wear – clearly a disposable item, intended to be destroyed after the job is done.

Bob is wearing a stocking mask that has sadly split, leaving a gaping hole around his eye. Still the stocking is pulled tight to his face, with a knot tied up at the back.

He also has a beaten up leather glove on his right hand that has seen better days.

Test Criteria

Sculpt – what are we looking for:

  • Strong interpretation of the overall character. Does the sculpt display a visual sense of individuality and personality about the character?
  • The style should be Hyper Realistic, with an emphasis on realistic detailing
  • Looking for good sense of weight and believability in cloth folds
  • The sculpt will also be judged on the final level of polish and refinement that it has in terms of micro detail. For example, stitch seams, fine dirt and wear in the cloth, fabric detail, etc. Take into consideration that the detail should be at a readable level for a real time asset


  • Good lighting that shows off the model in the best way possible
  • Hi-res renders of preferably a front, side, back and 3/4 views of the model. Close-ups of particular areas of the model are also allowed.
  • Can be rendered in any software package of choice. Zbrush screen renders are also suitable as long as they clearly display the aptitude of the artist's work.
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