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Batman: Arkham Origins Multiplayer Tips - The Super-villains

Get ahead of the competition with our Batman: Arkham Origins multiplayer tips straight from the development team! This chapter covers playing as Super-Villains. If you missed our chapter on playing as the Heroes, you can read that here, while the Gang Elites are covered here.
Bane and Joker become playable roughly halfway through a round of Invisible Predator Online.
Play as either Bane or Joker by activating the marked entrance door before anyone else.
Neither Bane nor Joker regenerate health – they’re tough but not invulnerable.
Bane has a Rocket Launcher, Ground Pound, and can even hurl his victims through the air.
As Bane you can pick up an enemy Elite and hurl them at another for a double kill.
Joker’s Ace of Spades pistol can pierce multiple targets and ricochet off walls.
Joker’s King of Hearts is like a miniature rocket launcher –it can only be used in rapid salvos.
Joker’s melee attack is a lethal electrocution with his Joy Buzzer trick ring.
Joker and Bane can’t take cover and have no Enhanced Vision, but they are very fast, and can sprint indefinitely.
Joker and Bane are very vulnerable to takedowns from Batman and Robin. A successful takedown will remove a third of the Super-Villain's overall health, and score a high amount of Intimidation.

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