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Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars

Most Anticipated Games of 2007 Awards and Lists


"Its depiction of futuristic military skirmishes between human Global Defense Forces (GDF) and Strogg armies are eye-popping to say the least"

"ET:QW will have far more depth than any other game of this type..."

GameSpy Most Wanted Games of 2007
Editors' Top 5 Most Wanted Games of 2007 (Joint-winner with UT2k7)

Computer and Video Games

"We very nearly pooed our pants when this game was unveiled at E3 2005"

"Battlefield better watch out."
10 PC Games We're Dying For in 2007

Game Spot

"... we were shocked by how well the game seemed to strike a balance between depth, variety, and all-out action"

"... despite all these different features, the game was incredibly fast and action-packed"

GameSpot Most Wanted Award 2007

Game Informer

"With drop-dead-gorgeous visuals from a highly modified Doom 3 engine, tons of weaponry and vehicles, Quake Wars is staged to be one of the must-have PC first-person shooters"

10 for 2007

Yahoo Games

"Preparing to make a huge impact on the online multiplayer shooter scene in 2007"

Video Game Predictions 2007 (Games to Watch)


"ET may well be the Battlefield killer that it's been described as. We've only played a bit but everything we've seen so far has us very excited"

Editor's Most Anticipated Games of 2007

Next Generation

"'s one of the most highly anticipated games in the genre"

"Saying it combines Quake 2's world and gameplay with Battlefield's structure and teamwork certainly makes for good box copy, but that undermines the sheer depth of the experience"

"...will likely be the next big tournament-level game for the foreseeable future"

Games of 2007

Hitman Games

Most Wanted 2007 Multiplayer (Runner Up)

E3 2006 Awards and Nominations

E3 Games Critics Awards

"'s a phenomenal visual treat. Easy to jump into, but extremely deep, Quake Wars was a massive hit on the E3 show floor and promises to be just as successful when the war begins online later this year"

Best Online Multiplayer Game (Winner)
Best PC Game of E3 (Nominee)
Best Action Game of E3 (Nominee)

Gaming Excellence

"Enemy Territory: Quake Wars for the PC took the top spot with its superb gameplay and outstanding visuals."

"There's little doubt that Enemy Territory: Quake Wars will be the ultimate PC shooter this year"

Best First Person Shooter (Winner)
PC Game of Show (Winner)
Game of Show (Nominee)


The Best of the Best of E3 (Editor's Picks)


"What's not to love?"

"...a world away from Battlefield 2's cookie-cutter sides"

"...the vehicles handle beautifully"

"...there wasn't another multiplayer game we played at the show that impressed us quite like this"

"Enemy Territory shows every sign of being the next big thing in online shooters, and we can't wait for it to be released."

Best Online Multiplayer Game of E3 (Winner)


"Basically, we came away from Quake Wars at E3 feeling as though we'd played a game that was at once easy to pick up, highly deep and strategic, rewarding for skilled players, and very satisfying overall. Even though there were some extremely impressive shooters on hand at the show this year, making Enemy Territory: Quake Wars our shooter of the show was an easy decision."

Best Shooter of E3 (Winner)
Best PC Game of E3 (Winner)
Game of the Show of E3 (Finalist)

CV Games

Best of E3 2006 PC (Winner)

Voodoo Extreme

Best Multiplayer Game of E3 (Winner)


Best PC Multiplayer of E3 (Winner)
Best PC FPS Game of E3 (Runner Up)
Best First-Person Shooter of E3 (Nominee)
Best Multiplayer Experience of E3 (Nominee)
ETQW was cited as an example of high quality at e3 under the 'Biggest Surprise of E3' category.

Best Shooting Game (Winner)
Best PC Game (1st Runner Up)
Best Visuals (1st Runner Up)
Game of Show (4th Runner Up)

Game Chronicles

"...I actually got to sit down and play ENEMY TERRITORY in an 8-on-8 team-based war for nearly 20 minutes I have to let experience dictate this award. I enjoy a casual wargame every now and then but I'm not a fanatic about it - until now... This game, with its objective-based multiplayer, breathtaking scenery, and insanely detailed soldier and vehicle units, is the PC game to watch if you like fragging friends and foes online."

Best PC Multiplayer Game of E3 (Winner)


"If the rest of Enemy Territory: Quake Wars turns out as well as what we played at E3, it could be the biggest multiplayer game of 2006."

"The action played out in several layers: infantry combat, ground vehicle combat and air combat, and in our brief playtesting time, we felt like we'd only begun to scratch the surface of all the different tactics that might be available on that map. More than any other multiplayer PC game at this year's E3, we can't wait to get online with Enemy Territory: Quake Wars."

Best PC Multiplayer Game of E3 (Winner)
Top 10 PC Games of E3 (Winner - #4)

MTV Game Trailers

Best PC Game of E3 (Runner Up)
Best Shooter of E3 (Runner Up)
Best Online Game of E3 (Runner Up)

Computer Games Magazine Online

PC Game of Show of E3 (Runner Up - Honourable Mention)

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