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Dirty Bomb presents... The Kira and Rhino Update

New Mercs, Leagues, more Credits, and all manner of Loadout Card goodness are all headed your way in the latest Dirty Bomb update. There's also a fine assortment of fixes and balance changes. Let's dive right in, shall we?

New Mercs

Not just one, but two new Mercs are joining Dirty Bomb's roster in this update, and they're both bringing their favorite toys of destruction with them:


Powerful support character who can rain hell from above with an orbital laser strike.

Kira’s devastating Orbital Strike is highly accurate, dealing a lot of damage in a very tight area. Also, she can aim her pet beam of fire while it’s still firing, allowing her to steer it around the battlefield to damage multiple enemies - perfect for clearing out defenses and campers.
Kira can be purchased from the Barracks for 50,000 Credits or US$9.99 (or local equivalent).


Walking tank armed with a massive minigun with a high rate of fire.

Rhino is perfect at holding down enemy approach routes, soaking up damage and suppressing multiple enemies. Advancing towards him directly is not recommended: his minigun isn’t the most accurate weapon but it does a LOT of damage. He’s a slow but potent presence on the battlefield, forcing enemies to take cover or go elsewhere. You can avoid him and take the long route round, but then that’s what he wants you to do.

Rhino can be purchased from the Barracks for 50,000 Credits or US$9.99 (or local equivalent).

Leagues and Rankings

Leagues and Rankings have arrived in Dirty Bomb! These are enabled for all Competitive Matches, so if you want your ranking, competitive Stopwatch mode's your ticket. After completing a series of placement games, you'll gain your first league ranking. You can see your current rank on the Home tab, as well as next to each game mode within the Competitive tab when finding a match.

Over time, your ranking will update to reflect your overall skill and match performance. In a nutshell, winning matches will see your rank increase, which will eventually result in promotion to a higher division. Losses will work against you, and can see you demoted if there's enough of them. There are also penalties for leaving Competitive Matches early, so bear that in mind when diving into that mode.

There's a lot of math going on behind the scenes, and all of that should result in competitive matches being a lot more, well, competitive.
This release is only the first step - we'll be refining and adding to this system in the future, so be sure to let us know what you think of it.

More Ways to Earn Credits

Amassing those precious Credits is what Merc life is all about and we've added several new ways to do just that.


You'll earn 250 bonus credits for completing your first match of the day in each of Dirty Bomb's game modes. Better yet, there's an extra bonus of 250 for getting your first win too. Cha-ching.


We've made a whole bunch of improvements to the mission system. For starters, missions now come in several difficulty flavors (look for the star rating!), which affect their requirements as well as the payout when you complete them. You'll get 500 Credits for 1 star missions, 750 Credits for 2 star missions, and a whopping 1000 Credits for completing a 3 star mission.

If you couldn't get enough of them before, you'll be happy to hear that missions now refill every three hours instead of every day. Speaking of which, you can also abandon unwanted missions, and they'll be replaced with the next three-hourly drop. Use this power wisely. Or just use it.


If you're still yearning for more Credits, you can now get Credit Boosters from the Store. They come in 6, 12, and 18-hour flavors, doubling the base fee you earn in multiplayer. They're onlyactive while you're actually playing a match, so none of that time will go to waste.

  • 6-hour Credit Booster: $2.99
  • 12-hour Credit Booster: $5.38
  • 18-hour Credit Booster: $7.62

Loadout Cards


Cobalt is Dirty Bomb's latest Loadout Card tier, complete with its own set of stylish Merc outfits and weapon skins. Cobalt cards are rarer than Gold, and are available for every Merc in the game.

Remember, while rarities beyond Bronze net you rarer bling, you'll get no additional gameplay benefits. But hey, you'll look extra swish!


Speaking of swish, this update brings with it several brand-new outfits and weapon skins. Each Merc now has one additional outfit and weapon skin combination to collect at Silver rarity and two news ones at Gold rarity. Collect away!


To help you get the most from all this new visual goodness, we've also added a great new way to preview your Loadout Cards in the main menu: Clicking one of your Loadout Cards will now display a 3D preview of the Merc and their weapon alongside a healthy buffet of weapon stats and augment information.


Bring order to your Loadout Card palace with several new filtering and sorting options, including by rarity and by Merc.


Elite Cases
Guaranteed to drop at least a Silver rarity Loadout Card, our new Elite Cases are perfect for those going after the rarest skins in the game.

Elite Cases come in three bundles in Store: 1 Elite Case at $4.99, 5 Premium Cases at $19.99 and 10 Elite Cases at $34.99 (or local equivalent).

Bronze Card Shop
Got your eye on a specific Bronze Loadout Card? Visit the Loadout Cards tab in the Store to preview and unlock it for 17,500 Credits or $3.49 (or local equivalent).
Bronze Card Bundles
Perfect for those who want All The Choice. Get all of the Bronze Loadout Cards for your favorite Merc in the Store's new Bundles tab. Each bundle is available for $14.99 (or local equivalent).

Full Changelog



  • Increased Nader velocity by ~10% - this is intended to make it a little easier to land direct hits
  • Reduced Nader fuse time to 1.5s (from 1.7s) - to compensate for the above change and make them a little harder to avoid


  • Increased effective range by ~15% - Improving the effectiveness and emphasising the unique longer-range element of this flechette shotgun

K-121 Machine Gun

  • Increased spread and horizontal recoil by ~10% - this should mean the K-121 MG is no longer the most accurate automatic weapon in the game

Dreiss AR

  • Increased minimum and recoil spread by ~10% - this weapon was marginally too effective in the hands of good players but will remain more accurate than most rifles


  • Competitive Matchmaking tab now unlocks at level 5 (down from level 6)
  • Home screen now displays progress to next level and a list of friends that are currently playing and joinable
  • Player's league ranking is now visible on Home, Competitive Match, and Match Review screens
  • Inspecting a Loadout Card now displays a 3D preview of its Merc outfit and weapon skin
  • Loadouts screens now feature sorting and filtering options
  • Missions widget on Home Tab now shows time to next refill
  • Friends list now displays more information, including current map and game-mode being played
  • Players are no longer sent back to the Store tab after opening each case
  • Updated the Play sub-menu text to better reflect their functionality
  • Updated matchmaking region check boxes to use ticks to be more readable
  • Renamed "Mercs" tab to "Barracks"
  • Access to Equipment Cases & Bronze Loadout Cards in the Store is now unlocked at Level 2
  • Access to Bundles, Elite Cases & Credits Boosters in the Store is now unlocked at Level 3
  • Changed Closed Beta HUD watermark to be less intrusive


  • Updated ambient lighting on Underground
  • Numerous collision fixes on Underground & Terminal
  • Removed some visual clutter from Bridge and Terminal


  • Rebalanced texture brightness on some Founder skins
  • Improved character lighting quality and contrast on all maps
  • Minor balances on various environment textures
  • Toned down the red on Nader's default skin


  • Reworked the reverb functionality for all audio in-game
  • Updated mix for Fletcher's front-end VO
  • Added Loadout unlocking audio to reflect card rarity
  • Added interface audio to the Trade Up screen and Case drops
  • Fixed issues with Health Pack and Defibs
  • Updated timings for intro dialogue on Underground and Bridge
  • Quickchat now correctly uses the radio effect based on distance 
  • Updated the volume of Merc Quickchats to be consistent 


  • Updated third-person reload animations for PDP-70 Sniper Rifle
  • Updated Dreiss AR reload animation to match gameplay reload timings
  • Fixed Vassili's fingers not being correctly skinned


  • The setName console command can no-longer be used to override the Steam player name
  • Incoming damage view kick is reduced but now scales up based on damage received
  • Removed death count and suicide XP when changing teams
  • Reduced direct hit bonus for packs to 10XP (from 30XP) as it was mostly awarding 'farming' players
  • The amount of XP awarded for Ammo Given is now directly proportional to the amount of Ammo restocked


  • Fixed a couple of known crashes
  • Fixed issue where two music streams could play at the same time
  • Removed the silencer from the Selbstadt .40 obituary icon
  • Fixes for voting whilst dead and spectating
  • Fixed issues with projectiles dealing more damage than they should on certain targets
  • Fixed some issues with Sawbonez default skin
  • Added correct Stark AR obituary icon


  • Match Review: Penalties for small or imbalanced matches are applied to Bonuses instead of the Base Fee