May 2018

New Splash Damage Forums

The Splash Damage Forums have been active for almost all of the company's history, but for long time users they'll know they haven't seen many changes in recent years. We've been working hard behind the scenes to give them a fresh lick of paint (in addition to new Careers page), and today they've launched into the world!

Head on over to the new forums and login with your existing accounts (or make a new one if you've never made one) and get chatting all things Splash Damage!

Splash Damage at Wembley for Special Effect

On Friday 20th April Splash Damage's Elite Footballers descended on North London.

The train was silent. Heads lowered. Awkward glances out of the window. As soon as Wembley's famous arch was in sight the tension became palpable. Forget launching games; Special Effect's 5-a-side football tournament is the high point in the Splash Damage calendar.

The walk down Wembley way is one of pilgrimage for many football fans, the building works and preparation for Saturday's FA Cup Semi-Final between Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspur could do little to dampen the mood.

After the obligatory selfies, Instagram story updates and back and forth on directions Splash Damage made their way to tournament.

The trophies were lined up and Splash Damage's priorities were immediately split:

"We've got no chance of winning the main tournament, we should play to get into the lower bracket final (and the trophy is nicer!)" said star striker Ben Cottage.

It was a sentiment echoed by most of the squad; Sports Interactive, Jagex and EA the goliaths of the Special Effect 5-a-side tournament were all in attendance, and their names on the sheet instilled fear.

Anthony Massey, the barking, commanding Roy Keane of the Splash Damage team (and acting player-manager on the day, citing a "dodgy groin") ushered the team to the hallowed (astro) turf and kicked off the warmup to keep the boys focused.

"I've sent around a proper English pre-footy playlist to get them psyched up," he said, with Chumbawumba, Baddeil and Skinner and Blur proving firm favourites.

The warmup was strenuous; laps around the turf, deep lunges and shooting practice particular highlights for the watching crowd: