Splash DamageOctober 2013

October 2013

Raise your game with our Batman: Arkham Origins multiplayer tips!

With Batman: Arkham Origins multiplayer now out in the wild, we thought we’d share a few tips and tricks straight from the development team to help you get a head-start in the online world of Arkham. We’ll be dishing these out in easily digestible instalments, and we’re starting with the heroes today. Check back regularly for more! Let's dive right in:

Batman: Arkham Origins Multiplayer PC Hotfix Released

We've been getting tons of feedback on Batman: Arkham Origins multiplayer since its launch on Friday. Many of you are really enjoying their time online, but we've also had reports of several pesky issues that need to be addressed. We've been working closely with WB and the other companies involved in the game to get these issues fixed as quickly as we can, and we've just released a hotfix for the PC version of the game.

This update addresses several issues, including leveling progression not being saved correctly in some cases and Arkham credits not being awarded correctly.

Here's the full changelog:

  • Fixed player progression reset when leaving the title
  • Fixed consumables not being used/applied when activated in the pre-match lobby
  • Fixed Arkham credits not being awarded after playing a match
  • Fixed cases where purchasing credits were not working
  • Reduced map vote countdown from 30 to 15 seconds
  • Reduced map start countdown from 10 to 5 seconds

To everyone playing on the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3, we've not forgotten about you, either, and are working on some stuff to make your experience better too. Stay tuned.

Keep your feedback coming, everyone!

Batman: Arkham Origins Available Now!

Rejoice, Bat-men and women! Batman: Arkham Origins is now available around the world and includes Splash Damage's brand-new multiplayer mode in the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC versions of the game.

Batman: Arkham Origins multiplayer allows you to wrestle for control of Gotham as Batman, Robin, or an elite member of The Joker or Bane's gang in exciting 3 vs 3 vs 2 multiplayer matches. Our team here had a blast putting together Arkham's first-ever multiplayer outing, and we hope you enjoy playing it.

Check out the multiplayer reveal trailer for an overview of what to expect:

The Extraction Closed Beta Begins!

It’s finally here! We’re excited to officially kick off the Closed Beta phase for Extraction. If you’re a member of the Founder’s Club, you can join the beta right now by linking your Founder’s Pack to a Nexon account.

Everybody else, keep an eye on your inboxes for those precious Closed Beta invites. They’ll be going out in waves, so you’ve got a chance to get in even if you aren’t chosen immediately. On a side note, if you've previously signed up for a free account on the Dirty Bomb site, you're most definitely still on our collective list for access, so do keep checking back for updates on that.

What’s in the Closed Beta?

Happy 6th Anniversary, Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars!

It's been six whole years since the vehicle-laden, Strogg infused Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars landed in shops around the world. Here at Splash Damage, we had no choice but to celebrate the occasion with cake. Behold:

Enemy Territory: CAKE Wars

Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars was a blast to make, and we never cease to be amazed and humbled by the passion and dedication of its community, which is even now putting together a whole new tournament. A big thanks to everyone who beta-tested, played, modded, or supported the game in any other way - we