May 2013

Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory is Ten!

It's been a year since we celebrated WolfenNine, which can mean only one thing - Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory is now eligible for double-digits! Say it with me:

Happy 10th birthday, Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory!

Wolf's community is as active as ever, with new maps, mods, and big projects such as ETLive in active development. You continue to amaze and delight us, and your dedication and passion for the game are the reason it's still around now, an entire decade after its release. An absolute eternity in video game terms. So, a campaign-sized thanks to you, Wolfenstein community - stay awesome!

Sign-ups for Latest Quake Wars Tournament Now Open

Sign-ups are now open for the latest Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars tournament. Aptly titled GG Tournament, it's a 4 vs 4 double elimination affair, with cash and Dirty Bomb Elite Packs awaiting the winners.

Teams need to consist of at least four players, and you can enlist your squad right now via the GG Tournament website. Sign-ups close on 12 May, with the action kicking off the next day.

For a full list of rules, check out the comments. Good luck, human food/fearsome Strogg!