Splash DamageApril 2013

April 2013

Paul Wedgwood: Splash Damage's F2P games 'as ethical as possible'

Free-to-play gaming and In-App Purchases have been in the news lately, with the UK’s Office of Fair Trading now investigating free-to-play games and their monetisation practices. Willard Foxton over at the Telegraph argues that parents should take more responsiblity in an editorial, which also features Splash Damage's CEO Paul Wedgwood.

Paul sheds some light on common free-to-play practices and how we're approaching the genre:

I grew up on a council estate - when I was a kid, I couldn't afford games, and if I could afford one, it had to be really good. We try to be as ethical as possible with our games. We wanted something that was great, that could be played well by putting in time and little money; something that's completely free from the start.

A lot of free to play games are over-monetised; that's partly because lots of them are developed in the far east, where people have a different view of how you should succeed at gaming. In the West, we tend to see that the person with the most skill should win, not the person with the most money.

What’s your take on the free-to-play market? Do you agree with Paul's stance?

Travel to Rio in Latest RAD Soldiers Game Update

The latest RAD Soldiers game update is now available for free in the App Store, and it's a big one! Titled Party in Rio, it whisks your soldiers away to sunny Brazil where you’ll get to explore a ton of new single player and multiplayer content.

In fact, there’s so much new stuff in this update that we’ve put together a quick video to show it all off. Watch it below:

Surf over to the WarChest blog for much more on Party in Rio and be sure to post your first impressions in the comments!

Splash Damage-mentored Dead Shark Triple Punch Win Make Something Unreal 2013!

We're enormously excited to see that our pals over at Dead Shark Triple Punch were declared winners of this year's Make Something Unreal contest with their fast-paced multiplayer shooter Epigenesis! This fantastic victory came at the end of the week-long live finals held at Birmingham's NEC as part of the Gadget Show Live. Dead Shark Triple Puch was mentored by Splash Damage and Fireteam's Steve Gaffney for the final stretch of the competition, and we're enormously proud to see them come away with a win.

Epigenesis is a fast-and-furious team shooter built around a futuristic ballsport played on floating platforms, and it's built around precision and acrobatic movement. If this intrigues you, check out the video below to see DST's Tobias Johansson show the game off to PC Games N:

Introducing the Dirty Bomb Pre/Post-Mission Readiness Kit

Let's face it, being a Mercenary in Dirty Bomb is tough. Every assignment, you're sprinting from one objective to the next while dodging air strikes, bullets and grenades, while enduring nagging vsays and fisheye FOVs. And let's not even mention the countless respawns - that can't be good for your pores.

This is why we're incredibly excited to announce the immediate availability* of Dirty Bomb Pre/Post-Mission Readiness Kit, a suite of bodily pacification and regeneration tools designed specifically for the hardworking mercenaries of irradiated, near-future dystopias.