Splash DamageOctober 2012

October 2012

Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars Online Services Currently Offline

The data center hosting the online services for Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars was taken out by Hurricane Sandy a few hours ago and is currently offline. That unfortunately means you won't be able to sign into your online account, and multiplayer server authentication is unavailable too. An army of engineers and technicians is working to restore power and service, but it's understandably difficult due to the on-going conditions in the area. We'll keep an eye on things and will let you know when normal service resumes.

Community Question: Multiplayer Genres of Choice

Community, there's a huge amount of choice out there when it comes to games. Being a multiplayer-focused company, we're very interested to find out what sorts of games you like to play when you're craving a bit of competitive (or cooperative) online action. So, without further word-fluff, here's this week's Community Question:

What genre(s) do you currently play the most to get your multiplayer gaming fix?

We've got a list of the most obvious choices in this week's Community Question poll for you to vote on. We'd also love to know what games you're currently into, so please mention them in your replies.

RAD Soldiers Climbs to #1 in Six Countries, Amasses Crazy Stats

As we near the end of RAD Soldiers' limited release period and approach its worldwide release, we've come across some pretty cool stats. Despite being out in only a handful of countries, those of you who've been playing RAD Soldiers and helping us test our multiplayer services have so far amassed a staggering 100,000 game sessions. Even more impressively, you're now spending over 100,000 minutes per day playing the game, and you've so far sent over 52,000 turns back and forth in multiplayer alone.

New RAD Soldiers update adds iPhone 5 support and much more!

Update: We recommend deleting and installing RAD Soldiers from scratch to ensure everything updates properly.

Original post: We've been hard at work on a new update for RAD Soldiers, and it's now available in all of our limited release territories – that's Canada, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, New Zealand, Norway, and Sweden! If you don't live in those countries and are itching to play, be sure to enter our Early Access giveaway – we regularly add new users through that.

This latest RAD Soldiers update contains support for the iPhone 5 and a bunch of nips and tucks that make RAD Soldiers easier to get into and play. Check out the WarChest blog for a detailed breakdown of all the changes!

Community Q&A: Looking Back at QUAKE Wars with ET.TV

One of the pillars of Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars' competitive community was the gang behind Enemy Territory TV. Originally started as a match commentary service, ET.TV soon turned into the go-to destination for tournament coverage, including live streaming, shoutcasting, and a healthy video on demand library.

With Quake Wars enjoying its 5th anniversary this week, we caught up with two of the guys behind ET.TV, Mattc0m and stlava, to reflect on their time in the QUAKE Wars community and to see what they've been up to since

ETQW Blast from the Past: DomMafia's Open Beta Interview

With Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars turning five this week, we thought it'd be fun to dig up a few goodies from ETQW's early days. Enter DomMafia's Open Beta interview. The slightly older gentlemen and women among you will remember that QUAKE Wars had an extensive beta phase - first a seekrit Closed Beta, and then an Open Beta with some 60,000 participants. During the Open Beta, Dommafia quickly climbed to the very top of the leaderboards and became one of the most famous faces of the QUAKE Wars community.

In this interview originally conducted way back in September 2007, Dommafia shared his experiences during the Open Beta along with plenty of advice for new players looking to enter the world of Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars. Time machine, begin!

Happy 5th Birthday, Enemy Territory QUAKE Wars!

2 October 2007. Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars is released in the U.S. (5 days after Europe, no less), bringing vehicles, deployables, and delicious Stroyent to the Enemy Territory universe. Countless Hammer missiles, Hog attacks, and spawnhosts later, it's 2012 and QUAKE Wars is five. Five! Turns out time flies when you're completing objectives.