Splash DamageMarch 2012

March 2012

Wolfenstein: ET Master Server Back In Action

Following the outage earlier in the year, the folks over at id Software have rebuilt the Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory Master Server, and everything is now back online and working. If you've got the game installed, it'll pick up the new Master Server automatically. No changes required on your end.

On a side note, we'd also like to throw a big thank at community member Paul for providing an interim master while the official Master Server was being rebuilt.

See you online!

Community Question: Campaign Rewards and Unlocks

Over the years our games have featured a variety of ways your character could level up and gain new abilities. For example, Enemy Territory featured temporary rewards that would reset at the end of the three-map campagn, while Brink allowed you to permanently unlock abilities as your character gained levels. With this week's Community Question, we want to find out which of various progression systems tickles you the most:

Which unlocking mechanic for gameplay-affecting rewards do you prefer?

Please cast your vote in this week's poll and do let us know in the comments why your chosen system works best for you. We look forward to your replies!

Community Question: Mines and Friendly Fire

All of our games thus far have featured a variety of explosives you can sneakily plant in the world, ranging from mines and satchel charges to outlandish contraptions like the Third Eye Camera in Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars. Generally, you'd stick them down somewhere (preferably hidden from direct view) and wait for an unlucky enemy to meet their fate. What has varied over the years is the matter of friendly fire: Do these devices inflict their fiery pain on anyone nearby, or just enemies? That's what we're looking to find out in this week's community question:

Should plantable explosives such as mines have friendly fire by default, or not?

Please cast your vote in this week's poll and, if you have particular reasons for or against, share them in your replies. We look forward to reading your views!