Splash DamageJanuary 2012

January 2012

Ninja Theory's Lead Gameplay Programmer Appointed SD Technical Director

We're excited to announce that Mark Fascia, Lead Gameplay Programmer on the critically acclaimed Enslaved: Odyssey to the West, is now Splash Damage's Technical Director. Marc will be overseeing our programming teams and guide all of our technology efforts.

This is what Splash Damage's CEO Paul Wedgwood had to say about Marc's appointment:

We're hugely impressed by Marc's combination of insane technical ability and project management skills. In particular its Marc's obsession with fun gameplay and his personable nature that makes him the perfect person to lead our army of awesome programmers.

For more information, including Marc's background in the industry and a bonus quote, check out the official press release.

Finally, if you missed our other big staffing announcement last week, FIFA's ex-development director Griff Jenkins has taken up the role of Director of Production here at Splash Damage. Full details on that over here.

FIFA's Ex-Development Director Appointed Splash Damage's Director of Production

Hot on the heels of Paul's blog post about what you can expect from us this year, we've got our first announcement to make today. We're delighted to announce that Griff Jenkins has been appointed Splash Damage's Director of Production and will oversee all of our development efforts. Griff previously spent seven years at Electronic Arts where he led big franchises like FIFA and Need for Speed and managed multiple development teams simultaneously.

Here's what our fearless CEO Paul Wedgwood had to say about Griff's appointment:

Following FIFA's incredible success, Griff's new role at Splash Damage will be to improve our games by improving the way we make them. Under Griff's leadership we'll elevate production to a discipline on par with art, design, and programming. These are areas that we've always constantly strived to improve, and production should be no different.

For more details about this appointment and Griff, check out the full press release.

Unofficial Fix for Empty Wolf: ET Server List

Those of you playing Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory will have noticed that the internet server list currently comes up empty. This is due to an issue with the master server that is being investigated by the fine folks over at id. In the meantime, forum member Paul has put together a back-up master server that you can use to get your multiplayer fix for now.

This workaround is not officially supported and any modifications you make to the game are "at your own risk".

With the disclaimer out of the way, you can find Paul's workaround in this forum thread. Steps are offered for both server admins (to make their servers show up in the new list) and players (to retrieve the new list within their game). On a side note, Paul's solution is set up in such a way that it'll automatically be overridden the instant any official master server comes online.

Splash Damage in 2012 - A Message From Paul Wedgwood

We've enjoyed a fantastic first 10 years at Splash Damage and we're looking forward to an even more exciting future. A huge part of this is due to you - our fans - so in this update, I'd like to give you a quick glimpse of what you can expect from us this year.

Community Question: Average Multiplayer Play Time

There are many different types of FPS multiplayer modes out there - some take just a few minutes for a round to finish, while others can last hours (I'm looking at you, 64 player mp_marketgarden!). What's really interesting to us this week is to know how much time you actually spend playing on average when you sit down for some multiplayer action. Are your sessions 30 minutes? Several hours? We must know!

So, here's this week's question:

When playing a multiplayer title, how long do you usually play for per gaming session?

Please cast your in this week's Community Question poll. As a bonus question, are there any factors that make you play longer or less (such as clanmates being along for the ride or double XP weekends going on)? If so, please let us know in your replies.

We've Reached 10,000 Twitter Followers! Are You One of Them?

Amazingly, the Splash Damage Twitter account has officially amassed a following of more than 10,000 thanks to a stealth-like surge during the holidays. Twitter's usually the first place we hurl news, links, and other interesting or caek-related tidbits at, and we also answer questions about our games and the people behind them on there. Plus, and this is a secret and you mustn't tell anyone, there's a better than even chance of the occasional give-away. All in all, it's quite possibly the best way to keep up on all things Splash Damage.

Are you on Twitter and still missing out on Splash Damage's verbal splash damage? Follow us!

Ed Stern Nominated for Writers Guild of America Award

Every year, the Writers Guild of America selects what it thinks are the most outstanding feats of writing in movie, television, and new media. What makes this year's nominations particularly special is that our very own Ed 'BongoBoy' Stern is among them, joining an illustrious group of people that includes Woody Allen, Adam Sorkin and fellow London developer Rocksteady Studios.

Ed is up in the Best Videogame Writing category for his efforts on Brink, which not only featured a staggering 26,000 lines of dialogue, but was also supported by a copious amount of backstory, timelines, biographies, and all manner of other supporting Writer's Produce. On top of that, Ed is the only person on the entire list that somehow managed to get their nickname on there.

The winners will be announced at the 64th Annual Writers Guild Awards in Los Angeles on February 19. Many big huge congratulations, Ed!

Brink Nominated for Writers' Guild Award

The Writers' Guild of Great Britain has just announced the shortlist for this year's Guild Awards and we couldn't be more delighted to see Brink among the nominees. The awards are given out annually and seek to honour achievement in writing across all major mediums, including TV, radio, and video games. The winners will be announced on November 16 - in the meantime, let's all throw confetti at Lead Writer Ed 'Bongoboy' Stern!

Photo Blog: Creating a Brink Nerf Gun

One of our artists, Laurens Corijn, enjoys taking ordinary Nerf guns and turning them into something entirely more special. For this latest project, he decided to transform a Stampede ECS18 into the Resistance’s Gerund assault rifle from Brink. The end result is utterly stunning, to say the least. Luckily for us, Laurens has documented the entire creation process, so we can follow it along step by step. There are more photos of the finished article at the end of this post.

Take it away, Laurens:

Community Question: Favourite Melee Style

Every game we've ever made has included some form of melee combat. Be it Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory's knife or Brink's "off-hand" strike with whatever gun you're currently holding, there have been a variety of ways to bring the pain up close. With melee mechanics being quite different, we'd like to find out from you which of them you prefer. With that in mind, here's this week's question:

What is your preferred style of melee attack in first person shooters?

Please vote in our latest Community Question poll and let us know in the comments why your choice works best for you. Our designers look forward to your answers!