Splash DamageDecember 2011

December 2011

Happy Christmas from Splash Damage

And just like that, 2011 is nearly at an end. As we run off into the holidays, we'd like to wish all of you a very happy Christmas period and a fantastic new year. 2012 promises several industrial-sized barrels of concentrated excitement and we can't wait to open them up with you!

Until next year!
-Splash Damage

Splash Damage Looking for Game Designers

We're currently looking for several Game Designers of all experience levels to strengthen our development team. What will you be doing, you ask? Well, in a nutshell, you'll be working closely with all development disciplines, including art, code, audio and (of course) design, to create compelling experiences that embody the overall vision of the game. Interested? Click on a position to find out more about it:

Splash Damage offers a comprehensive benefits package to all successful applicants. Check out our Culture section to find out more about what it's like to work here and don't forget to browse our extensive Living in London guide for everything you need to know about moving to London and living here.

Nothing there for you at the moment? Why not sign up for our Jobs RSS feed or subscribe to email updates?

We look forward to hearing from you.

Community Question: Watching Multiplayer Matches

Competitive play has been part of multiplayer games from the very beginning, with individuals and clans contesting everything from flags and skulls to bomb sites and entire hills. These days, online tournaments and matches of note are often available to be watched live via streams or TV clients, or can be viewed after the fact by way of video-on-demand or demo recordings.

This week's Community Question seeks to find out how many of you have ever actually taken advantage of either form of match coverage, for any game out there (no matter what genre!):

How often do you watch live streams or recordings of multiplayer matches?

To cast your vote, head on over to this week's Community Question poll and tick the appropriate options there. Also, if you can think of any stand-out examples of match coverage, either built directly into a game or provided by a third party, post them up in the comments.

Steve Hessel Named One Of Develop's 30 Under 30

UK Games industry's magazine-of-record, the imperatively titled "Develop" has published its annual showcase of the most promising new talent to emerge in the games industry. And look! Hark! Listen! See/Hear! See here! Gracing their 30 Under 30 list is our very own Steve "badman" Hessel, justly recognised for his unparalleled youth, vigour and sundry-diverse professional accomplishments.

Having limbo'd under the rapidly descending age bar to claim his place among the industry's youngest and brightest bright young things, Steve is celebrating his inclusion with yet another triumphant twelve-hour shift of website-wrangling and tapir-herding so he can't write this news post himself. Rest assured, gentle readers, that he has been quoted as being "chuffed", "delighted" and "conscious".

We're also delighted that so many other Splash Damage staff garnered an Honourable Mention in the list, with SD regulars Adam Baines, Andrew Quinn, Angelo Dal Pra, Arne-Olav Hallingstad, Ben Davis, Craig Nelson, Dave Edwards, David Johnston, Eoin O'Grady, Gaetan Montaudouin, Georgo Simeonov, Gordon Biggans, Hussein Elgridly, Jamie Manson, Jeremy Hay, Joe Gibson, Jonathan Fletcher, Laurens Corjin, Leanne Cox, Mark McDonaugh, Mark McLeod, Paul Greveson, Philip Barnell, Pierre Tregaro, Robert Macdonald, Romain Toutain, Sean Francis, Simon Price, Stephen Etheridge, Steve Alves, Vincent Joyeau, and William Richens all hovering upon its margin, threatening to swamp the whole place with SD colours, chants and choreography. Why not gaze upon their team profiles and acquaint yourself more perfectly with all the things they are and do.

So congrats to Herr Hessel on his richly-deserved recognition. Gongs have been struck, confetti flung, and most things at SD, including our halls, and Steve himself, have been decked with celebratory bunting.

15th Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory NationsCup Announced

ClanBase has announced the latest NationsCup for Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory and is currently looking for team captains. The NationsCup is a bit like the World Cup of Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, with each country fielding a single team consisting of its best and brightest players.

The tournament is currently accepting applications for each team's captain. If you fancy leading your country into battle and can hold your own in Wolf: ET, you can submit your application through this page. The submission window for this closes on 25 December. Next up, players get to vote on their team captains, and once that's sorted, qualifiers will begin, followed by the tournament itself on 23 January.

For a breakdown of this NationCup's schedule, as well as the guidelines for submitting your application, head on over to ClanBase.

Which country do you think will come top this time?

Got a Brink Clan? Compete in the Holiday Ladder!

Since few things embody Christmas like clan matches and fragging, the Brink Clans & Tournaments website now features Holiday Ladders for your clan to enter. Here's how it works: Running until 8 January, each clan participating in the ladder can issue match challenges to any of the other participating clans. Matches are 3 on 3, with Brink's entire map pool available to choose from when putting together a match challenge. Winning a match increases your ladder ranking, while losing decreases it. At the conclusion of the ladder, the top 3 clans will receive a special trophy to show off in their clan profile (along with the associated bragging rights, of course).

The Holiday Ladders are now available for each platform (and clan region) on the Events page of the Brink Clans & Tournaments website. If you're the leader of your clan, you can enter it into a ladder right then and there:

Keep reading for a full breakdown of the ladder rules.

Community Question: Friendly Fire

Community, today we'd like to get your thoughts and opinions on friendly fire. Is it a must-have for achieving the ultimate level of tactical depth? Or is it a bottomless source of griefing and frustration thanks to teammates that appear to do everything in their power to always end up in your line of fire? We must know.

Hence, this week's community question is as follows:

What is your preferred friendly fire setting and why?

Please cast your vote in our latest Community Question poll and hurl any comments you might have about the advantages and disadvantages of friendly fire at us in your replies.

Brink PC is Free to Play Until Sunday Evening

Hot on the heels of the Clans & Tournaments update, we're excited to announce that the PC version of Brink is currently completely free to play on Steam. You'll be able to enjoy the full game including all of the new clan features until this Sunday at 9 PM UK time. Better yet, Brink, the Agents of Change add-on pack, and the character customisation packs are all 75% off on Steam during this time, so this is a great time to pick it up if you want to keep playing or are looking to extend your Brink collection.

Head on over to the Steam to kick off your free Brink download!

Clans & Tournaments Arrive in Brink

Clan support has officially arrived in all versions of Brink with the launch of the Clans & Tournaments Beta Site. There's a whole bunch of new features online as of right now, including the following:

  • Create your own Brink clan, allowing you to manage everything from your name and logo to recruitment status, and your members
  • If running your own clan isn't your thing, join an existing squad that's currently recruiting
  • Fight for position on Brink's Global Clan Ladder by challenging other clans and defeating them in exciting clan matches
  • Enter your clan into tournaments with unique rule sets and map rotations

For a full walkthrough of all of these features, check out our recent Clans & Tournaments Sneak Peek blog post.

To get started with Brink's clans, head on over to the Brink Clans & Tournaments Beta Site. You'll need to have an account to be able to dive into the site's full offering, including seeing your stats and all of the clan features, take advantage of its many features, so if you don't have one yet, now's the time to register!

Finally, if you've already created a clan and are looking for members, hit our Clan Recruitment forum.