Splash DamageOctober 2011

October 2011

Ed Stern Talks Games Writing at BAFTA and on the Internet

Splash Damage's Lead Writer Ed 'BongoBoy Stern is spreading the games writing gospel with an appearance at BAFTA tonight and in a less formal chat with fellow dev Tom Jubert.

Titled "Games Writers Panel: Players vs Characters", tonight's BAFTA event will see Ed discuss games writing with fellow scribes Jim Swallow (Deus Ex) and Rhianna Pratchett (Mirror's Edge). The affair kicks off at 7 PM at BAFTA's Piccadilly-based headquarters here in London. For more information and to snag a ticket, check out the BAFTA site.

Elsewhere, Ed recently had a roughly interview-like talk with fellow developer Tom Jubert. The two of them explore the mysterious depths of writing multiplayer games (which at first glance may seem impossible), Splash Damage's humble roots, as well as the future of narrative in multiplayer. On top of that, Ed discovers some frightening parallels to last year's iPhone smash hit Game Dev Story and at last reveals why he's occasionally donning a shirt and suit jacket here in the office.

It's an insightful and marvellously entertaining read - if you have even a tiny interest in these topics, we recommend taking a generous look.

Community Question: Favourite Wolf: ET Campaign Rewards

Our latest Community Question is all about Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory's Campaign Rewards. For the uninitiated (and the mildly forgetful), Wolf: ET's Campaign mode rewards players with upgrades for doing well as a particular class, using weapons, and generally surviving bad situations. These upgrades last for the duration of the current Campaign (so up to three maps) and include fun toys like instant kill backstabs for the Covert Ops, full health revises for Medics, double-strength air strikes for Field Ops, and flak jackets for Engineers.

What we'd like to know today, then, is the following:

Which of Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory's numerous Campaign Rewards are your favourite and why?

This is a multiple choice affair, so you won't have to make any heart-breaking decisions here. Once you've chosen your favourites, vote away in the poll attached to the comments thread of this blog post and let us know why your selected Rewards are the best of the bunch.

Things You Were Too Afraid to Ask: Andrew 'DingoBongo' Quinn

Following an extended nap, our in-house staff interviews are back at last, and we've got plenty of new faces here at Splash that can't wait to meet all of you. First in line is Sound Designer Andrew 'DingoBongo' Quinn, who is the latest addition to our Audio Team. Andrew hails from the Indie scene, having worked on a game called Primal Carnage, as well as the interactive game/book The Game Audio Tutorial. He now handles everything from sound creation to mixing and dialogue editing, and helps our games sound as good as they can.

To find out all about Andrew, including how he ended up in the games industry, his tips for breaking in, his work at Splash Damage, and why he went alone into the woods at 2 AM, check out the full interview on his profile page. And don't forget - if you've got any questions you would like to ask Andrew about his work or the industry, just post them up in the comments and we'll send the man your way.

Finally, if you've never heard or seen any of our staff interviews, check out our People section for many more.

Your Favourite Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars Moments

To commemorate Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars' fourth anniversary, we asked you community to send in your favourite ETQW moments and memories, and we've had some great responses in the forums, via Splash Damage Twitter and our Facebook page. It wasn't easy picking just a few select ones from all the submissions and we hope you enjoy reading these as much as we did. Take it away, community:

Seze: Quarry... last 30 seconds of the round. Strogg had just cleared any defenses we (GDF) had left. I was the last alive player in the ship and saw about 7 Strogg approaching, including the carrier of the last Energy Cell. "Well, that's it..." I thought. "We need a miracle to hold that last push", when suddenly a Dark Matter Cannon hits the entrance of the ship. Seven team kills for the poor Oppressor and GDF won the round.

New Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory Tournaments Announced

Several new tournaments are about to kick off for Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory - read on to find out what's happening where!

First up is Crossfire's Battle for Berlin tournament. Open to the 16 best teams in the game, Battle for Berlin not only seeks to crown Wolf: ET's best clan, but also looks to set a new standard for tournament coverage. Alongside news updates, interviews, and editorials, QuadV will be airing "Game of the Week" coverage every Thursday, with match shoutcasts and other entertainment. Sign-ups are open until Thursday (that's just two days from now!) - you can enlist your 8 man squad over here on Crossfire.

Elsewhere, Australian e-sports site CyberGame League has begun a new Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory league, with 12 teams battling it out for supremacy and $750 in prize money. There's ETTV coverage to be had, as well, and the league is also still accepting sign-ups for the waiting list.

Finally, JeeSports has just added Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory to its line-up, with an inaugural 6 vs 6 tournament getting underway this Sunday. To participate, you'll first need a team, accounts on the JeeSports site, and then visit their site this Sunday at 1 PM UK time to "check in". Visit JeeSports' Wolf: ET section for more information.

Spotted any other upcoming Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory cups, leagues, or tournaments? Let us know in the comments!

Play QUAKE Wars with Splash Damage This Weekend

Update: The server password is tapirfest. Go go go!

Original story: To celebrate Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars' recent oldening, we've foolishly decided to hurl ourselves into the multiplayer fray this weekend. We're teaming up with the lovely chaps of the OCB clan and The Group Thing to host a special "Play with Splash Damage" event, allowing you to do unspeakable things to at least several members of the ETQW development team.

Intrigued? Here are the details:

  • When? Saturday, 8 October 2011 at 8 PM UK time / 3 PM Eastern
  • Where? The OCB server at and The Group Thing's server at
  • What? Play Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars with Splash Damage!

The server will be password protected to allow us lot a bit of time to get comfortable - we'll reveal the password here on the forums a few minutes before kickoff, so be sure to check back!

We hope to see you then and/or there!

Community Question: Your Favourite QUAKE Wars Class

Our Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars appreciation week continues with a brand-spanking new Community Question. One of ETQW's hallmarks aside from humongous outdoor maps, vehicle combat, and general all-around awesomeness were its asymmetric factions - the Earth's own GDF army and the alien Strogg. Both sides sported five combat roles to choose from, each with its own weapon load-outs, items, deployables, and unique gameplay mechanics. With so many choices and different gameplay styles available in the game, what we'd like to poke your minds with today is the following question:

What's your favourite combat role from Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars and what makes it great?

Are you a railgunning Infiltrator? A turret-toting Engineer? A spawn-hosting Technician? Let us know in the poll attached to the comments thread and don't forget to share your tales of class awesomeness with us, as well.

Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars is Four Years Old!

Break out the Stroyent and your intergalactic party hats - Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars is an incredible four years old! Released on September 28, 2007 in Europe and on October 2 in the US, ETQW as we've come to call it not only provided an excellent way for human/Strogg conflict resolution, but also marked Splash Damage's first full retail release. In the past four years, we've seen a staggering 1.6 million player accounts, millions of matches, as well as closely fought tournaments and a ton of user-created content. We'd like to extend a huge thank you goes out to everyone who's been part of the Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars community, the game server providers, and our partners that helped make the game happen in the first place - we wouldn't be here today without you.

To celebrate, look for some special Enemy Territory nuggets to come out of the Splash Damage vaults in the coming weeks. We'll also be stopping by a few QUAKE Wars servers to SpawnHost and be SpawnHosted - more information on that soon.

Lastly, if you're wondering what that photo at the top of this post is all about, it's the ETQW crew having its final briefing the morning of the game's first-ever E3 showing, including id Software's Kevin 'Bitterman' Cloud and Splash Damage founders Paul 'Locki' Wedgwood, Arnout 'RR2DO2' van Meer, and Richard 'Fluffy_gIMp' Jolly. Oh, the memories.