Splash DamageSeptember 2011

September 2011

Photorama: Splash Damage's 10th Anniversary

Splash Damage turned 10 years old this year and not ones to pass up an opportunity to party, we decided to have ourselves a little celebration. Things started off at the office with delicious TapirCake* before venturing up into London for champagne, food, and lots of reminiscing about the past decade of the Damage that is Splash. To top it all off, we brought along some tapir cut-outs created by Media Artist J 'pinflux' Hay, which saw plenty of use (more so as the evening and beverages went on, we have to admit).

Even better, we've put together a bunch of memorable/embarrassing/glamorous photos, so all of you can check out the work and eye-safe parts of that day. Magnificent.

Follow the links below to catch the action:

* - cake not actually made of tapirs

Electronic Sports League Announces Brink Autumn Cup

Following the success the Electronic Sports League's massive Brink tournament this summer, Europe's largest e-sports organisation has just announced a brand-new tournament for the PC version of Brink. Dubbed the Autumn Cup, it'll take the form of a 5 on 5 double elimination tournament, with the action kicking off on 28 September - that's exactly one week from today. Prizes include €1500 in cash as well as access to the ESL's Premium service.

Sign-ups are open right now - head over to the ESL's Brink section to enlist!

Brink Nabs Golden Joystick Nomination

This year's Golden Joystick awards are on the home stretch and we're thrilled to see that Brink is among the finalists in the Best Shooter category. We'd like to extend a huge Thank You to everyone who took the time to vote for Brink - without you, this would not have been possible.

On a related note, now's your very last chance to cast your vote in this year's Golden Joysticks if you haven't done so already. Voting is set to close late tomorrow, and there's some great hardware and games up for grabs, so you might even walk away with some cool swag. The winners will be announced in a champagne-laden ceremony on 21 October.

Community Question: Multiplayer Game Modes

This week's Community Question is all about your favourite multiplayer game modes. Splash Damage's games have traditionally been all about objective-driven gameplay, but there's a whole bunch of different game modes out there that people enjoy.

So, what we'd like to know from you is the following:

Which of the following multiplayer game modes do you like and why?

We've assembled the most common choices in a multiple choice poll attached to the comments thread of this post, allowing you to easily pick as many (or as few) modes as you like. In addition to voting in the poll, please also let us know why a particular mode appeals to you and what you enjoy most about it.

Go on, vote now! We look forward to your replies.

Community Question: Your Favourite Splash Damage Map

We've got another Community Question to hurl your way and this one's of rather epic proportions. Splash Damage has been going for 10 years now and during that time we've produced quite a few multiplayer maps. Things started off in earnest with our map pack for the Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Game of the Year Edition. This was soon followed by Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, Doom III multiplayer, Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars, and this year's Brink. With so many maps offering up different play styles, universes, and objectives, we're after the one you think is the best map we've produced to date.

Which brings us to today's question:

Out of all the maps Splash Damage has produced over the years - including those for Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars, and Brink - which one is your favourite and why?

We've listed out the most popular choices from each of our games in the poll attached to this post, so please have a look and cast your vote. Oh, and don't forget to let us know why you think your pick is the bestest of all time; that sort of feedback is always great for our designers. Also, if your choice isn't listed in the poll, just select "Other" and tell us all about that obviously glaring omission in your reply.

Let the map battle commence!