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September 2010

Assault Container City in New Brink Gameplay Footage

Brink was playable at PAX last month, and if you didn't make it out to the event, the folks over at GameTrailers have you covered with some brand-new gameplay footage. Media Director Richard 'Fluffy_gIMp' Jolly plays through the opening stages of the Container City mission, breaking into Resistance territory as a member of Security. Better yet, it's all narrated by Creative Director Richard 'Rahdo' Ham and a very entertaining watch, especially if you've not yet had the chance to get your hands on the game.

You can catch the video via the embedded version below, or on GameTrailers.com in crisp HD.

Don't forget that Brink is also playable at Eurogamer Expo, which kicks off tomorrow!

ET: QUAKE Wars and the Lost Al-Fax Mission Briefings

On this, Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars' third birthday, it seems apposite to mention that recent researches and excavations have revealed some stuff that didn't make the final game. You see, following on from Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory's silly mission audio briefings ("Yanks, Banks, Tanks, Krauts, GOOOOLD" etc), we dallied with the notion of doing something similar for Quake Wars. Back for Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, we did a pretty direct pastiche of the 1940's March Of Time newsreels, so for the near-future QUAKE Wars, the most obvious equivalent seemed to be some sort of cable news channel.

How on earth could you report an alien invasion? Doing it as a straight Cloverfieldish news-horror seemed inappropriate. The tone needed to be simultaneously vastly confident, obviously ignorant, professionally craven and inappropriately upbeat.

The mission briefings had to work whichever side you played them as, which lead to the creation of Al-Fax News: the world's worst international news network, hedging its bets until it knew whether the Strogg or GDF would win, trying to report on events in an impartial yet jaunty manner, while sucking up to both human and Strogg forces in case they proved victorious.

This immediately made me think of that Simpsons episode [Deep Space Homer] where Homer, for reasons too brilliant to expound at length, accidentally releases ants in a space station. An ant floats near the lens of the space station's TV camera, appearing huge, just as they go to a live news linkup. Kent Brockman, Channel 6 newsreader, rapidly evaluates the situation, and hastens to ingratiate himself with the new presence thus:

QUAKE Wars is Three: A Special Message From the Makron

Rejoice, feeble Humans, for Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars was released three Earth years ago today, charting the glorious Strogg invasion of your puny world. The Makron is gratified to note the great number of modifications being worked on by your Technicians, and delights particularly in the many contests still being held to find the most skilled warriors among your people.

When the Makron descends upon your pathetic planet in person, these, your bravest and best, shall be afforded particular privileges. They will, of course, be eaten. As will everyone else. But in any case, for now we congratulate you on your persistence.

For the Makron!

Brink Coverage Round-up: PAX Awards, Previews, Interviews

We've got a whole new batch of Brink previews and interviews ready for you to dig through, along with a few extra bits and pieces. Let's dive right in, shall we?

If you dwell down under, you can get a highly concentrated dose of Brink in the latest issue of PC Powerplay Australia. The magazine not only features Brink on its cover, but it's also jam-packed with hands-on information straight from last month's QuakeCon. The issue is on sale right now.

Elsewhere, Machinima.com's Best of PAX awards caused much delight around the office. Brink not only picked up a nomination for Best New IP, but it was also named Best Shooter of PAX 2010. Given the quality of offerings on display there, this one's rather special to us. Thanks, guys!

And now, here's a round-up of the latest Brink previews and interviews:

Previews & Impressions


QUAKE Wars WCG Qualifiers: Day 2

wcg.pngDay 2 of the World Cyber Games qualifiers takes place tonight to determine which Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars team will win a trip to the WCG Grand Finals 2010. Last night's action saw Team FATE come out on top followed by AmeriMiX, with Team HOT and DCM dropping out of the competition entirely.

Tonight's matches are set to be the decider, and as yesterday, you'll be able to follow the action even if you're not playing thanks to the wonders of shoutcasting and ETQW TV. Read on for the full line-up.

QUAKE Wars WCG Qualifiers Tonight - Watch Live

wcg.pngThe qualifiers for the Quake Wars Online tournament at the World Cyber Games Grand Finals get underway tonight, with the winning team going on to represent the United States at the Grand Finals later this month. Run by Seanza and INF3RNO, the qualifiers feature some of Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars' most prestigious North American teams, some of which are even coming out for retirement for the occasion.

Better yet, you'll be able to watch select matches as they happen via either ETQW TV or video streams with live commentary. Keep reading for the schedule for tonight's first round, along with casting and TV information.

Good at ETQW? Represent the US at the World Cyber Games!

wcg.pngThe grand final of the World Cyber Games 2010 is set to take place in Los Angeles at the end of the month, and with Quake Wars Online one of this year's promotional games, it'll feature in a special tournament of its own. This is set to be a multi-national affair, with six-player teams from three continents competing for several thousand dollars in prize money.

With the Asian and European player slots filled already, the organizers are now looking for a team from the United States to enter the fray. Quake Wars Online is of course heavily based on Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars, and we've teamed up with the WCG to help find the team that should represent America at the Games.

Play Brink at Eurogamer Expo

We're delighted to be able to confirm that Brink will make its UK hands-on debut at Eurogamer Expo and will be playable on the show floor. Several members of the Brink team will also be there to chat with gamers and members of the media, so if you see us around, don't hesitate to stop by and say 'ello.

Eurogamer Expo takes place from 1 - 3 October at Earls Court in London. Tickets as well as more information can be had on the Eurogamer Expo website. We hope to see you at the show!

Sound is Front and Center in Final Brink Video Dev Diary

Titled "Minds on the Brink", the fifth and final part of our Brink video dev diaries is now available for watching. The big focus in this episode is sound design, with Audio Director Chris Sweetman explaining the sonic work that's gone into Brink so far. Caution: Live firearms definitely and positively ahead.

You can watch the video via the embedded version below or in glorious HD over on the official Brink website.

For a trip down memory lane, the previously released video dev diaries are Endless Horizon, The End of Genre As We Know It, The Dawn of SMART and The Last Stand.

New Brink Coverage: Crossplayer, Previews, and Interviews

Coverage from PAX Prime and gamescom continues, bringing us a whole new batch of previews and interviews today.

First though, let's stop at The Escapist, where multiplayer has been the theme this week. Among other things, they've put together an interesting editorial titled Crossplayer is the Future, which is all about merging single player and multiplayer. Brink is one of the games mentioned, and it's a great read on where games could be headed over the next couple of years.

Now, let's see what previews and interviews we've got for you today, shall we?

Previews & Impressions


If you've spotted any other recent Brink coverage we've missed, please let us know in the comments.

PAX Prime Brings Brink Discussion and Previews

PAX Prime 2010 took place over the weekend over in Seattle, Washington, and with Brink playable on the floor, the game attracted massive queues every single day of the show, which was both frightening and exciting. The first few press write-ups have also started to appear and are as ever available in the list below.

Before that, though, we turn our gaze towards The Weekly Blend. With a crew of several people out at PAX, they managed to sample every game at the show, resulting in an epic two-hour podcast discussing their findings. We're very excited to hear that (spoiler alert!) Brink was one of their favorites of the entire show and the Weekly Blend crew spend several minutes sharing their thoughts and impressions. If you want to jump directly to the Brink portion of the 'cast, skip ahead to 1 hour 15 minutes.

Previews & Impressions

Look for more coverage from PAX as the week wears on. If you've spotted any other Brink bits coming out of the show, please let us know in the comments.

Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory #16 in PC Gamer Readers' Top 100

A couple of months ago, PC Gamer asked its readers to vote for their favourite PC titles of all time in order to build the official PC Gamer Readers' Top 100. The results have now been revealed and we're thrilled to see that Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory not only made the list, but managed to climb it all the way to #16!

Here's what community member ailmanky had to say about it on the PC Gamer site:

No other game matches the teamplay of Enemy Territory. Mods are still being developed and improved. Maps are coming out almost every month. A big community is actively producing content and helping each other.

A big thanks goes out to everyone who's played Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory over the years, those have created (and are still creating!) new content for it, and, of course, everyone who voted for it to be included in the Top 100. Jawohl!

gamescom 2010: IGN, NowGamer, and more

The weekend is upon us and if you were hoping to spend it reading more Brink hands-on impressions from gamescom, we've got you utterly covered. We start our tour on IGN, who've published their thoughts on the game spending some time with it at the show. Here's a slice:

Splash Damage are sitting on something very special with Brink - an online shooter that keeps pace with the frantic online experience gamers expect of the genre, while also managing to encourage co-operation and fair play. Plus, it's gorgeous, slickly produced and innovative to boot.

And now on to the rest of this week's coverage:



Did you manage to spot anything else? Let us know in the comments!

Want more coverage from gamescom? Over here.