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August 2010

New Brink Video Dev Diary Talks Art, Style

Titled "Endless Horizon", Brink video dev diary number four has just made its way onto the information superhighway and is all about Brink's unique art style. Art Director Olivier 'Nosebone' Leonardi, Lead Environment Artist Aaron 'Hoffa' Hoffman, and Lead Animator Fabrice 'faaab' Bouvet join our regulars for this one and all have plenty to say about the look of characters and environments you'll come across on the Ark.

You can watch the video via the embedded version below or in glorious HD over on the official Brink website.

If you haven't seen them yet, the previously released video dev diaries are The End of Genre As We Know It, The Dawn of SMART and The Last Stand.

Editorials, Previews, Police All Present in Latest Brink Coverage

Just in time for Bank holiday weekend here in the UK, we've rounded up the very latest Brink coverage from gamescom 2010 and beyond, and this one's got a little bit of everything.

Before we get to the latest batch of previews, X360 Magazine here in the UK have compiled their Top 5 gamescom Surprises, with Brink topping the list. They even go as far as calling it their "game of the show by some distance", so we're pretty chuffed by that.

Elsewhere, GameZone has an editorial titled Brink and the Parkour Revolution, looking at Brink's SMART system and how we may see similar freedom of movement systems showing up in many more shooters in the future.

Speaking of Parkour, if you're not checking the Brink Parkour Tour's blog regularly, you definitely should. Daniel Ilabaca's latest exploits include mass jams with some 200 traceurs and even getting arrested by Austrian Police - seems like excitement is the order of the day over there.

Finally, the boys over at Polycount have taken a rather long look at the artistic side of Brink and produced a great piece about the game's unique art style.

And now, here's the latest batch of Brink hands-on previews from gamescom:

Previews & Impressions

Brink Will be Playable at PAX!

As announced in Bethesda's In The 'Works newsletter last night, Brink will be present and playable at PAX 2010 in Seattle next week. Brink t-shirts will also be on offer there, so you can frag/SMART/mission wheel in style. Formerly lovingly referred to as Penny Arcade Expo, PAX will take place at the Washington State Convention & Trade Center in Seattle, Washing from 3 - 5 September. More information about the event can be found on the PAX website.

New Brink Hands-on Coverage Vaults, Slides, Shoots

Brink coverage from QuakeCon and gamescom continues to hit the internet in every possible way, and we've got the very latest batch for you right here.

The Brink Parkour Tour's Daniel Ilabaca and his gang were in Cologne on Friday to visit Bethesda's gamescom booth and to hang out with the local Parkour community. It all culminated in an epic traceurs vs Splash Damage match in - you guessed it - Brink, which had the Parkour folks walking away victorious after a closely fought battle. You can read all about Daniel's day in Cologne on the Parkour Tour blog.

We've also had a whole bunch of new previews and interviews coming out of both events. Led by Maximum PC's Six Reasons Why Brink May Be Your Next Multiplayer Addiction, here they are deliciously bite-sized:

Previews & Impressions

Vote for Brink as Best of gamescom 2010 (updated)

Following gamescom 2010, the Herren at German magazine PC Games want to know your pick(s) for game of the show. Brink is one of the titles nominated, though at the moment the poll is visibly dominated by MMOs. Registration is not required - all you have to do is head over to the polling page, pick your favorite game, and click on 'Abstimmen' below the list. Easy, right?

Update: Following a few instances of obvious manipulation, PC Games has now restarted the poll, discounting all previous votes. To vote in the new poll, you'll need to register a free account on their website.

QuakeCon 2010 Day 3: GameSpot, Machinima.com, Preorders

QuakeCon 2010 is all over, concluding with a special Brink presentation by Game Director Paul Wedgwood. Paul gave the audience a sneak peek at some of the preorder bonuses planned for Brink - there'll be a lot more information in the coming days, so stay tuned.

Elsewhere, GameSpot's Andrew Park managed to corner Paul at the event and quizzed him about Brink. The resulting video interview covers a whole bunch of things, including Brink's approach to fostering teamplay, open ended experiences, and Making It All Work on a controller.

Lastly, Machinima Respawn's Sark and Hutch had the chance to go hands-on with Brink at QuakeCon and talk about their impressions in this entertaining 5-minute episode of their show.

If you missed our earlier QuakeCon coverage, check out our Day 1 and Day 2 round-ups. Next stop: gamescom 2010!

Latest Brink Video Dev Diary Melds Single and Multiplayer

The third Brink video dev diary is now online and explores how Brink goes about blurring the lines between single player and multplayer. Titled "The End of Genre As We Know It," the diary also goes into the inner workings of Brink's missions system and features the healthy mix of interviews and gameplay footage we've come to know and love.

You can catch the diary via the embedded version below or in HD over on the official Brink website.

The previously released video dev diaries are The Dawn of SMART and The Last Stand.

gamescom 2010: Hands-on Impressions, Interviews, and a Freerunner

gamescom 2010 is underway over in Cologne and throughout this week, hundreds of gamers are getting to play Brink. Better yet, freerunner Daniel Ilabaca will be all over the Bethesda booth today to promote the game and even play the odd match.

We're delighted to see that GameStar / GamePro have nominated Brink for their Best of gamescom awards, in the Best Shooter category. The winners are chosen by their staff and will be announced later in the week.

Before we get to the rest of the Brink coverage we've had from the show so far, though, go check out Kotaku's great hands-on write-up. Here's a clip from that:

Brink is supposed to enable anyone, even bad gamers, to get that experience that normally only an elite Team Fortress 2 player might have, an experience of slick coordination in which everyone knows their role and slickly performs it. That bad player might as well have been me. And a year after Wedgwood told me Brink could deliver that opportunity, I tried the game - and - he was right.

Brink, ingeniously, works.

And now, without further ado, here's a round-up of Brink previews and interviews from gamescom:

Previews & Impressions

More QuakeCon 2010 Previews and Interviews

Despite rumors that this newfangled "gamescom" show is opening its doors to the public today, QuakeCon 2010 is hurling a few more interviews and previews our way.

First up is the interview side of things, where both Machinima.com's Inside Gaming and GameTrailers managed to quiz Brink's Game Director Paul 'Locki' Wedgwood in front of a camera for about five minutes a piece.

With Brink playable at the show, we've also got two new (albeit international) previews to share with you. German site GameStar has a detailed, multi-page write-up detailing their impressions of the show build (translated here), while French outlet JeuxVideo offers a hands-on feature (translated here), as well.

Spotted any other QuakeCon coverage? Post it up in the comments! Don't forget to explore our other QuakeCon coverage, if you've missed it previously.

Daniel Ilabaca Heads up 'Beyond the Brink' Parkour Tour

Bethesda and Splash Damage have teamed up with world-famous Freerunner Daniel Ilabaca for a unique Parkour event headed to Europe this month. Titled Beyond The Brink, the tour will be stopping in eight European cities to meet local freerunners and train with them. Along the way, Daniel and his crew will putting together short films and interviews with the local freerunning community at each location.

The tour's first stop will be at Elephant & Castle in London tomorrow evening, with the remaining cities closely behind. Here are all of the tour's stops:

  • London – 17th August
  • Amsterdam – 19th August
  • Cologne – 21st August
  • Copenhagen – 24th August
  • Vienna – 26th August
  • Milan – 28th August
  • Barcelona – 31st August
  • Paris – 2nd September

For information on exact locations and times, check out the Parkour Tour website.

If you're interested in following the Parkour Tour and keeping up to date about its progress, you can do so on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.

In addition to all this, Daniel will also on hand at gamescom 2010 on the 20th of August to answer questions and play lots of Brink.

New Brink Video Dev Diary: The Last Stand

The Last Stand, the first-ever video developer diary for Brink, is now available for watching. This first installment is all about the Ark, its inhabitants, and the conflict about to engulf the entire island, and features several members of the Brink team. There's plenty of new game footage to be had too, so suffice to say, it's a must-watch.

You can catch the video either below or over on the official Brink website.

New Brink Video Dev Diary Explores SMART

Titled "The Dawn of SMART", the second Brink video dev diary is now available and filled with plenty of information about Brink's freedom of movement system. Both Technical Designer Aubrey 'Bezzy' Hesselgren and Lead Designer Neil 'Exedore' Alphonso feature in this latest video and they're joined by all manner of new in-game and behind-the-scenes footage.

Catch the video via the embedded version below or in HD over on the official Brink website.

If you missed last week's diary, you can find that here.

More Brink Previews from QuakeCon 2010

With press and gamers getting to experience every last corner of Brink's Container City environment at QuakeCon, we've got another batch of hands-on previews for you to rummage through today.

Tom Bramwell over at Eurogamer was one of the chaps able to spend an extended amount of time with Brink in the press area. His detailed preview covers his impressions of SMART, Brink's AI, as well as the inner workings of Container City. It's a great read - here's a small clip:

...SMART has a huge role to play in the three levels on show at QuakeCon. Container City, a towering fortress of rusting metal built around a derelict medical ship, is only so many corridors and chokepoints to begin with. However, once you start holding down that SMART button it's a 3D playground of clever flanking routes and alternative strategies.

Elsewhere, G4TV had a play with character and weapon customisation before diving headfirst into the demo level. Their write-up goes into detail about how the mission system works in practice, Brink's take on death and reviving, and teamwork.

Lastly, DefaultPrime also has a hands-on preview of the game. A word of warning, though - there's some explicit language to be found there, so sensitive souls might want to skip this one.

Play Brink at gamescom 2010

We're excited to announce that you'll be able to play Brink at this year's gamescom show in Cologne, Germany. The game will be part of Bethesda's booth located in Hall 6.1, aisle B #40. This is the first time that Brink is playable at a European event, and we're very much looking forward to letting people get some hands-on time with it. We'll also be catapulting over a few members of the development team - if you see us at the show, don't hesitate to flag us down and say 'ello.

gamescom 2010 takes place on 18 - 22 August in Cologne, Germany. While the first day is reserved for members of the press and retailers, the show is completely open to the public on the remaining four days. For more information about the event, head over to the gamescom website. If you're located on the other side of the pond and looking for a chance to play, don't forget that Brink is also going to be playable at QuakeCon 2010.

QuakeCon 2010 Day 2: Art, Audio, and More Brink Hands-on

Day 2 of QuakeCon saw more great game development panels and was topped off with a batch of new Brink screenshots - keep reading for a summary!

Kicking off the day's panel bonanza was "Let There Be Sound", with had Brink's Audio Director Chris 'peaceful_warrior' Sweetman discuss the art of creating soundscapes for videogames with Zack Quarles and Christian Antkow from id Software, and Bethesda's Mark Lampert. A great report with plenty of quotes can be found over at GameSpot.

The audio panel was followed by the aptly titled "The Art of the Game" panel, featuring Brink Art Director Olivier 'nosebone' Leonardi, Bethesda's Matt Carofano, id Software's Stephan Martiniere, and Arkane Studios' Viktor Antonov. GameSpot once again has the goods on this one.

Brink is of course playable on the floor at QuakeCon, and Shacknews' Brian Leahy went ahead and played a few matches out there. He's posted a great write-up of his impressions, with particular attention paid to controls, the objective system, and balancing.


Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory Goes Open Source

During his annual QuakeCon keynote speech last night, John Carmack mentioned that the full Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory source code is now available under the GNU General Public License. This is great news for aspiring modders looking to use the game's innards as a basis for their own project, as well as community-driven improvements for Wolf: ET itself. An official, potentially press release-laden announcement is apparently still to come, but in the meantime, you can grap the source from one of the mirrors below:

Happy developing!

QuakeCon 2010 Day 1: It Begins!

QuakeCon 2010 officially kicked off yesterday, featuring not only a playable version of Brink in the exhibitor area, but also copious amounts of talks and panels. The folks over at GameSpot were among the first to get their hands on the Brink floor demo and wasted no time writing up their impressions.

Elsewhere at the event, Brink's Lead Designer Neil 'Exedore' Alphonso was part of a panel titled "The Aesthetics Of Level Design", shedding light on some of the changes the profession has undergone in the past decade or so. Neil was joined by id's Matt Hooper, Bethesda's Joel Burgess, and Respawn Entertainment's Todd Alderman. Informative reports covering the session can be found over at GamaSutra and GameSpot.

As for today, both Audio Director Chris 'peaceful_warrior' Sweetman and Art Director Olivier 'nosebone' Leonardi will be part of sessions covering their respective fields, while tomorrow of course features Game Director Paul 'Locki' Wedgwood's special Brink presentation on the main stage.

If you're out at QuakeCon and had a chance to play Brink there, let us know your impressions in the comments. We'd love to hear from you.

QuakeCon 2010 Panels and Presentations Announced

Our friends over at Bethesda have unveiled the schedule for this year's QuakeCon, and there's plenty of Brink and Splash Damage to be had. There'll be several panels featuring different members of the development team, and it's all capped off with a special Brink presentation on the final day. Exciting stuff!

Keep on reading for a rundown of this year's events.

Currently Hurling Controllers/Mice At... The Middle of Summer

Watch out, it's the latest edition of Currently Hurling, our semi-regular look at what games we're playing in our spare time. Despite the undeniable presence of Summer, there's been a steady trickle of releases over the past few weeks, including Red Dead Redemption, Blur, Split/Second, Crackdown 2, Limbo and of course StarCraft II. Next to the ever-lasting Left 4 Dead 2 and Dawn of War II, our current lunchtime favourites are the multiplayer modes in Blur, FIFA, and Halo 3. But let's see what else people have been up to, shall we?

In this edition, one of our Eds feeds flowers in SPACE, while the other is lost in limbo. Also, Paul mounts and blades and Flavius mods an entire nation.

Come to QuakeCon 2010, Play Brink

QuakeCon 2010 is almost here and we're delighted to announce that Brink will be playable at the event. It'll be the first time the general public gets to play the game and we couldn't be more excited. We'll have a few guys out there as well, so expect to bump into us here and there.

Incidentally, this year's QuakeCon registration will be handled on-site at the event - the Bethesda Blog has more details on this. QuakeCon 2010 will kicks off on 12 August at the Hilton Anatole in Dallas, Texas. For more information about the four day event, visit the QuakeCon website.