Splash DamageMarch 2010

March 2010

Paul Wedgwood interviewed on GamePro.com

GamePro's online pastures feature a new interview with Brink's Game Director Paul Wedgwood, filled with interesting bits and pieces about the game. The Q&A covers a lot of ground and goes over Splash Damage's history, the origins of the SMART system, how and why modern FPS titles blend different genres, and much more. It's well worth a read - go check it out!

Dozens of Brink Posters Up For Grabs

Our friends over at Bethesda have opened the goodie vault for Brink and are giving away 48 stylish Security and Resistance character posters. How can you get one, you ask? Well, if you're on either Twitter or Facebook (or better yet, both), it's pretty straightforward:

On Twitter, simply retweet the official contest announcement on @BrinkGame and you'll be automagically entered into the giveaway. To further increase your chances, you're allowed to retweet the announcement once per day.

On Facebook, things are similarly easy. Throughout the week, the official Brink Facebook page at www.facebook.com/brinkthegame will be posting an image of each of the six poster designs. For chance to win a particular poster, just "Like" the corresponding image and you'll be all set.

Simple, right? The contest closes at 11:59 EST on 22 April - for the official contest rules, head over to the Bethesda Blog. Good luck everyone!

Things You Were Too Afraid to Ask: Jaromir 'pg' Salaj

Unable to flee the premises in time, Jaromir 'pg' Salaj is the latest member of Splash Damage to fall victim to our series of staff interviews. Before arriving at Splash Damage, Jaromir guest-starred at both Illusion Softworks and 10Tacle Studios. He is now part of our hive of environment artists, who are responsible for much of the surroundings you get to experience in our games.

To find out more about Jaromir, including how he ended up in the industry, his tips for breaking in, and how Czechoslovakia neatly merged computing and body-building all the way back in 1985, check out the full interview on his profile page.

Splash Damage Accidentally Wins Develop Pub Quiz

Much to our continued surprise and general bemusement, we walked away with the victor's trophy at last night's Spring 2010 edition of the Develop Magazine Games Industry Pub Quiz. 20 different teams from all over the UK games industry were in attendance, including game developers, middleware companies and recruitment agencies.

Representing Splash Damage were Media Director Richard 'Fluffy_gIMp' Jolly, Tools Programmer Flavius 'Flawe' Alecu, Level Designer Jamie 'Fishbus' Manson and Community Relations Manager Steve 'badman' Hessel. After all was said and done, we narrowly edged out Curve Studios for the win, while Rocksteady clinched third. Embarassing photos are sure to follow at some point - in the meantime, enjoy this artsy shot of the trophy.

Last Chance: Vote for Enemy Territory to be Featured in PC Gamer's Top 100

Voting for this year's PC Gamer Top 100 is drawing to a close in less than two days, making this your last chance to ensure the Enemy Territory games make the cut. Both Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory and Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars are up for inclusion, with Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory previously making PC Gamer's own Editorial Top 100 at #69.

Voting could not be simpler: Just make an account, pick your five favorite games of all time (use the links above to quickly get to ET goodness), and submit the list.

As an added bonus, the PC Gamer crew is also looking for user comments to be included in their upcoming print feature about this year's Top 100. If you fancy being featured in the article and want to tell them why you like the Enemy Territory games, drop them a line at pcgamer@futurenet.com or post in this forum thread on their website.

Brink Cinematic Trailer Released

A brand-new cinematic trailer is now available for Brink, showing off Resistance and Security characters fighting over the future of the Ark. It's packed with guns, explosions, slides and all other kinds of action and can be found in all its high definition glory over at GameTrailers. Alternatively, if you prefer YouTube, you can catch an embedded version after the break courtesy of Bethesda's YouTube channel.

All-new Brink Website Launches Packed with New Content

Hot on the heels of the new trailer, the official Brink website has been relaunched with plenty of new and exciting content.

Among many other things, the site showcases the possibilities offered by Brink's character customisation system, offers details on the two factions in the game, lets you explore the Ark island, and serves up a comprehensive assortment of screenshots, concept art, and videos.

Go have a look around and let us know what you think!

Tribal Wars Mod Released for Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars

Arguably one of the most anticipated mods for Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars, Tribal Wars is now finished and available for download! Inspired by some of the elements that made Starsiege: Tribes a gaming classic, Tribal Wars adds a CTF gametype along with jetpacks, several new weapons, and new maps.

You can grab Tribal Wars from one of the following locations:

Windows version:

Linux version:

Once you've grabbed the release, don't forget to stop by the Tribal Wars forums. There's also a dedicated IRC channel at #twars on irc.quakenet.org.

Win Your Own Brink T-Shirt at inBrink and Palace Brink

Want to get your hands on a Brink t-shirt but you've so far missed out? You might be in luck, as New Zealand-based fan site inBrink is looking to hand out five Brink tees to its community. All you have to do is register a forum account and start posting - each post you make will increase your chances of winning, though spam is obviously going to get you disqualified. To get going, head over to either inBrink's giveaway page.

Meanwhile, 100% more German fan site Palace Brink is running a similar contest with two Brink shirts up for grabs. Once again, participating is as simple as registering a forum account and contributing a post to their boards. For full details, check out Palace Brink's contest page. Good luck!

New Brink Interviews at GameSpot and X360 Magazine

Following last week's relaunch of the official Brink website and the all-new trailer, we've got two new interviews for you today along with an opportunity to ask your own questions about the game.

Our first stop is GameSpot, where Brink's Creative Director Richard 'Rahdo' Ham dishes out plenty of information about the game in a new interview. Topics covered here include the Command Post mechanic, the Objective Wheel, SMART, cooperative play, and lessons learned from Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars, among others.

X360 Magazine also sat down with Richard and quizzed him about a few things, including the philosophy behind Brink's XP system, bringing narrative to multiplayer, player abilities, balancing missions for multiple players, and more.

If those interviews aren't covering the bits that really tickle your fancy, why not ask the Brink development team your own questions? The chaps over at Games On Net are looking to put together a Brink Community Q&A and will include the 10 best questions submitted by their readers. You've got until Sunday to contribute yours by way of this this discussion thread.

Found any other recent Brink coverage the community should know about? Tell us in the comments!

New Brink Developer Diary Explores Setting, Backstory, Narrative

An all-new Brink developer diary has been released, with Lead Writer Ed 'BongoBoy' Stern exploring Brink's setting and backstory, and how they came about. The diary covers everything from the very initial inception of the Ark (where Brink is set) to how the game's final environments convey backstory information to the player. It's a very fascinating read and garnished with plenty of new concept art - head over to the Bethesda Blog to get reading.

If you missed them earlier, don't forget to check out the inaugural Brink developer diary by Game Director Paul Wedgwood and the second instalment covering art direction penned by Art Director Olivier Leonardi.

PC Gamer UK Giving Away Giant Brink Print

If you fancy dressing up your walls with a huge Brink poster, our friends over at PC Gamer UK have you covered. Earlier in the week, the chaps got their hands on a Brink print measuring some 3 metres in length and depicting an elaborate Security vs. Resistance face-off. Luckily for poster aficionados everywhere, they've decided to be charitable and give it away on their website. All you have to do is be located in the UK and post your top five games of all time in this thread - the most exciting submission wins the print. To see what you're getting yourself into, check out a short video of the PC Gamer crew unrolling the print below.

QUAKE Wars Exhibition Matches to Showcase User-Made Maps

There have been a number of great community-made maps for Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars over the years, and this Sunday, you'll get to experience four of them in special exhibition matches. Kicking off at 6 PM GMT, the matches will pit The Art of Warfare (TAW) clan against regular participants of the long-running Custom Map Nirvana event. The following maps will be part of the proceedings:

  • Team Jungle by MoP
  • Maridia by Chris
  • Free Spirit City by []V[]
  • Radar by Chris

You can grab these maps right here or, if you want to absolutely positively make sure that you've got the right ones, you can download them directly from the server at etqw.nett.org:27745 when the time comes.

Several ETQW TV servers will be broadcasting the matches live for spectators, so you'll be able to follow the action even if you can't play. To watch, simply hook into one of the following servers within the game:

  • Nirvana TV server (EU): etqw.nett.org:27745
  • Orrie's TV server (EU): dummy.c64.cz:27777
  • SuseFreak's TV server (EU): zwaar-metaal.nl:27835

Rumor has it that everyone's favorite shoutcaster GreasedScotsman may come out of hiding for this event, so keep an eye (or rather ear) out for that.

For more information on this showcase event, hit this forum thread. If Custom Map Nirvana is completely foreign to you and you're itching to play new maps for Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars, check out the Custom Map Nirvana thread on the forums.

Entire Home Theatre Up for Grabs in GameStop's Brink Sweepstakes

Seeking to bless one lucky winner with a massive home theatre upgrade, US games behemoth GameStop has kicked off a Brink sweepstakes. The grand prize includes a 55" LED TV, a 5.1 surround sound system, and a PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360 console. Additionally, three other participants will also get a choice of either a PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360 console. The competition is open to anyone in the United States (except where prohibited by law) and runs until April 15.

Currently Hurling Controllers/Mice At... (Space) Aliens, Predators, & Splicers

Welcome to the latest installment of Currently Hurling, our semi-regular look at the games we've been playing here at Splash Damage. 2010 has been a spectacular year for games so far and with great new releases continuing to appear on almost a weekly basis, there's no sign of that changing any time soon.

Among at least several other things, this edition features Crispy flailing about in the dark, Mikkel being trapped in his dosbox, and Locki practicing all-female intergalactic warfare. Just another day at the office, really.

Let's dive right in: