Splash DamageSeptember 2009

September 2009

Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars Deployed Two Years Ago

Happy birthday, ETQW!It's hard to believe, but Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars arrived on your Earth on this date two years ago. A heartfelt thanks goes out to the Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars community past and present - you guys elevated the game to new heights and truly made it your own. Keep on fragging/constructing/hacking!

Incidentally, since presents always make birthdays better (scientifically proven!), why not give MoP's new map Teamjungle Beta a try?

More Brink Previews Infiltrating UK Sites, Magazines

We recently had a small Brink press event here at Splash Damage, with several journalists getting a closer look at the game and some special interview time with the people behind it. The resulting write-ups are now starting to pop up and you can read first-hand impressions in Will Porter's two-pager on Eurogamer, Alec Meer's extensive preview on Rock, Paper, Shotgun, as well as the latest issue of PC Gamer UK.

Not strictly related to all this, the current issue of Games Master UK also features a nicely written two-page preview of Brink. Look for more coverage in the coming weeks.

Brink Interviews and Previews Team Up in Handy Round-up

The internet continues to be abuzz with Brink interviews and previews - get the latest in this handy round-up. We start over at Videogamer.com where Brink Creative Director Richard 'Rahdo' Ham is extensively video-quizzed for some 30 minutes. Similarly The Weekly Blend has a 10 minute interview with the man, while The Goozex Report has a lengthy Q&A with Richard in text form. Also, if you speak Russian Bulgarian (thanks engiebenjy), you might enjoy this two part interview on 3DZone.

If previews are more your thing, we've got you covered with a few of those too, thanks to 360 Sync, GamePro, and EndSights all offering their impressions of the PAX demo.

ESL Announces Fall Season Full of Enemy Territory

The European Sports League (ESL), the continent's largest and most prominent online league, has announced its line-up for the ESL Major Series Season V. Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory is featured with its own league, allowing the winning team to walk away 500 Euros richer. Sign-ups are now open and are set to close on September 27th. For more information, check out the ESL's ET Season 5 page, while those interested in signing up can do so via this posting on Crossfire.

Currently Hurling Mice/Controllers at... Well, Mainly Batman: Arkham Asylum

Welcome to the latest installment of Currently Hurling, our semi-regular look at what we here at Splash Damage have been playing lately. The traditionally slow Summer period seems to be officially over, thanks to a swift kick in the face courtesy of Batman: Arkham Asylum. The Caped Crusader is backed up by several of his closest peers, including Shadow Complex, DiRT 2, The Beatles: Rockband, Wolfenstein and many others, all fighting the good fight and making sure our thumbs get the workout they deserve.

In this installment, Batman gets lots of love all around, the Dawn of War II office tournament gets underway, and Rahdo obsesses over a board game. This and more after the break.

More Brink Interviews Arrive from QuakeCon and PAX 2009

Proving Brink interviews are clearly the new black, we've got a whole batch of them for you to check out. First up is VG247, where Nathan Grayson had a chance to have an extensive chat with Brink Game Director Paul 'Locki' Wedgwood at QuakeCon 2009. Lots of ground is covered in this one and it's well worth gazing at.

If watching is more up your alley, all-new video interviews are up at Giant Bomb, Machinima.com (both featuring Paul), Colony of Gamers and MTV Game One (with Creative Director Richard 'Rahdo' Ham). Unsuspecting Germans everywhere are sure to appreciate the explosive finale of the latter.

New Brink Screenshots Escape to the Internet

Looking to celebrate the weekend with four new Brink screenshots? Why, you're in luck. As always, click to magically enlarge:

01 02.jpg 03.jpg 04.jpg

Don't forget to stop by our Brink section to check out all the previously released shots.

Brink Draws Huge Crowds in PAX 2009 Photos

Matt Grandstaff over at Bethesda has sent over some shiny photos of the Brink booth at PAX 2009. Game Director Paul 'Locki' Wedgwood, Creative Director Richard 'Rahdo' Ham, and Media Director Richard 'Fluffy_gIMp' Jolly were all out there showing off live gameplay demonstrations and managed to flood surrounding booths with spectators wanting to catch a glimpse of the game on a regular basis. As with the gamescom photos a couple weeks ago, you can find the full set on our Flickr page.


Check out the Splash Damage Flickr page for the rest!

Splash Damage Named One of UK's Top 100 Tech and Media Companies

guardian.pngWe're delighted to announce that Splash Damage was selected for inclusion on The Guardian's annual Tech Media Invest 100 list. Sponsored by business consultancy PwC and Kemp Little, the list "aims to identify and showcase the top 100 innovative technology and media companies in the UK". Other companies on the list include fellow developer Realtime Worlds, the popular music service Spotify and online retailer The Hut. You can read more about the list in this special section on the Guardian website, while the full top 100 is available here.

New Brink Interviews and Previews Escape From PAX 2009

Brink had a great showing at PAX 2009 over the weekend, with big crowds attending each of the presentations at the show. Here's what a few sites had to say about it:

In addition, the folks at NowGamer sneakily cornered Creative Director Richard Ham and managed to get a rather large interview out of him, while UGDB.com did the very same thing to Senior Game Designer Ed Stern.

And lastly, Bethesda managed to pull another very cool booth design out of their hats for PAX - you can see a photo of the Brink area here on SAGExSDX's Flickr page.

Things You Were Too Afraid to Ask: Ben 'mantegra' Davies

Character Artist Ben 'mantegra' Davies is the latest and most unsuspecting-est subject of our tireless series of staff interviews. We originally imported (or is that re-imported?) Ben from Australia many years ago to work on Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars and he's now part of the team behind the characters in Brink.

To find out more about Ben, how he got his start in 3D modeling, his tips for aspiring artists, and why replacing n's with r's always results in cool nicknames, slip your shrimp/eyeballs on the barbie/full interview in his profile.