Splash DamageAugust 2009

August 2009

Brink to be Shown at PAX 09 Next Week

pax09.pngFollowing appearances at QuakeCon 2009 and gamescom 2009, Brink will make another stop at this year's Penny Arcade Expo when it kicks off next Friday in Seattle, Washington. Paul 'Locki' Wedgwood will be showing the game to attendees, with presentations set to kick-off on the hour beginning at 10 AM each day.

The Penny Arcade Expo (or 'PAX' to its closest friends) takes place from September 4 - 6 at the Washington State Convention & Trade Center in Seattle, Washington. More information on the event is available at www.paxsite.com. We hope to see you there!

Currently Hurling Mice/Controllers at... 2.5D?

Hello and welcome to the latest installment of Currently Hurling, our semi-regular look at what games we've been playing here at Splash Damage. In this installment, Aubrey makes people cry on the internet, Ed gets to live out his spider fantasies, and Jamie 'splodes all over everything. We also have a new face this week with Illustrator/Media Artist Jeremy 'pinflux' Hay hurling things for the very first time. Be nice, he wears goggles on his forehead.

Jeremy 'pinflux' Hay (Illustrator/Media Artist):
Braid. You’ve probably already finished it or at least had a friend scream its praises at you, so I won’t go into detail. Suffice to say that it’s proof enough that a solid, unique concept doesn’t need to be backed by a multi-million dollar developer to become a brilliant (and profitable) game. Having beautiful 2D graphics and a thought-provoking storyline to boot is what truly propels it into must-own status, though.

Splash Damage Hiring Artist, Programmers, Designers

Splash Damage is currently looking to bring aboard additional artists, programmers and designers for Brink, our latest project developed with Bethesda Softworks. Click on a position to learn more about it:

Art & Media


Level Design

Splash Damage offers a comprehensive benefits package to all successful applicants. Check out our Culture section to find out more about what it's like to work here and don't forget to browse our extensive Living in London guide for everything you need to know about moving to London and living here.

If there's nothing there for you at the moment, why not sign up for our Jobs RSS feed or subscribe to email updates? We look forward to hearing from you.

More gamescom 2009 Interviews and Previews

gamescom 2009 continues to wildly throw all manner of content off in random directions - here's a look at the latest Brink coverage.

The Herren over at soon-to-be-launched German fan site Brink Gamers had the chance to sit down with Richard Ham at the show for a chat about Brink, resulting in an epic, colossal, humongous 37 minute video interview that you can watch on their placeholder site. If letters and punctuation are more your thing, GameSpy has you covered with an enormous Q&A with Game Director Paul 'Locki' Wedgwood, exploring a little bit of everything.

There's also a slew of new reports on the Brink presentation in a variety of languages:

BRINK E3 2009 Previews - Day 2

Day 2 of E3 was no less busy than the first and we've got several great new BRINK previews for you to check out in our latest round-up.

If you missed yesterday's previews, you can find them right here in bite-sized list form. Do let us know in the comments if you stumble across any previews we might have missed.

Brink gamescom 2009 Coverage Round-up

gamescom 2009 is in full swing over in Germany, with tens of thousands of gamers descending upon the expo halls and unsuspecting developers as we speak. Brink's half hour presentation has so far generated quite a bit of excitement among journalists and gamers alike, and the resulting coverage has started hitting the internet. Most of the stuff is in German (naturally), but Google Translate is here to help and we've thrown in links to it where needed:

Bethesda's gamescom Booth Brings Container City to the Masses

Our guys out at gamescom have sent over a few photos of the Bethesda booth, which is a re-creation of Brink's Container City environment built around a replica of Ark's iconic Founder's Tower. It's all looking really cool and there's even a few chaps and chapettes dressed up as Security and Resistance characters. Better yet, there's a rather long queue all the way around the booth, so the interest in Bethesda's line-up and Brink certainly seems to be big. You can check out the photos here on our Flickr page.

QuakeCon 2009 Delivers More Brink Interviews

Not in the slightest bit intimidated by the massive disturbance in the internet force that is gamescom 2009, Brink coverage from last week's QuakeCon continues to pop up. Over on G4 TV is a 15-minute video interview with Brink Game Director Paul 'Locki' Wedgwood, quizzing him about the Bethesda partnership, how Brink was conceived, what the two factions are all about, the game's persistent character advancement, and much more.

Elsewhere, Kotaku continues its stream of Brink coverage with a great feature dedicated to Brink's SMART system, while Atomic Gamer has a Q&A of their own, covering Brink's world, the game's RPG elements, and satisfying hardcore gamers.

If you've spotted any other QuakeCon coverage, please let us know in the comments.

New Brink Screenshots Appear at gamescom 2009

gamescom 2009 officially kicks off today and to celebrate Brink's first public European showing, we've got several new screenshots for you. Click to enlarge:

01 02.jpg 03.jpg

Bethesda's stand at gamescom this year is a real-life version of Brink's Container City environment and it's very, very cool indeed. Definitely stop by if you're at the show. For those of you who can't make it out there, we hope to be able to bring you a few pictures of it soon.

New Brink Fan Sites Emerge

We're very excited to hear that two all-new Brink fan sites are now up and running. inBrink and Brink Fans both promise to keep the community up to date with the latest Brink news andinformation about Brink and the team behind it, and will also offer up a few special goodies the discerning Brinkonaut every once in a while. Don't forget to follow them if you're on Twitter to stay up-to-date on their doings.

If you've got a Brink fan site not mentioned here, please let us know either in the comments or via email. And if you don't have one, why not grab the Fan Site Kit and put one together?

Brink Reports and Interviews Emerge from QuakeCon 2009

Brink had its first-ever public demonstration last Friday at QuakeCon 2009, with CEO and Game Director Paul Wedgwood showing the game off to a crowd of more than a thousand gamers. Detailed reports of the presentation are now available on Kotaku, Quake-Live.tv, and BlueGamer, while you can relive the excitement in bursts of 140 characters or less and in reverse by looking at the Twitter posts of 1UP's David Ellis.

Numerous websites also got to pick Paul's brain (metaphorically, of course) throughout QuakeCon and the resulting interviews are slowly starting to pop up here and there. Kotaku has a great piece there, focusing on the buzz that players get from great teamplay and how Brink will bring that feeling to more people. Another, more general Q&A with Paul can be found on Big Download, while Screw Attack's Hard News manages to serve up what is no doubt the most concentrated Brink interview ever.

If you spot any other Brink coverage from QuakeCon, please let us know in the comments.

Brink Fan Site Kit Released

Are you looking to build a Brink fan site but have so far been discouraged by not having one convenient package of assets and information? Fear not! The first revision of the official Brink Fan Site Kit is here and aims to solve your problem with the following:

  • Official Brink fact sheet and FAQ
  • Brink Developer Diary #1 by Paul Wedgwood
  • Official logos
  • Screenshots and concept art
  • Desktop wallpapers
  • Forum avatars
  • Audio samples
  • Website design elements
  • Developer and publisher fact sheets

You can grab the kit right here on the official Brink website.

If there are any elements currently missing that you absolutely positively need to have on your site, please let us know in the comments. We're planning to update the kit regularly with new assets as they become available, so keep checking back.

Once your site is up and running, give us a shout and we'll announce it here on the site. Happy tinkering!

QuakeCon Brings New Brink Screenshots and Concept Art

The stream of Brink QuakeCon goodies continues with several new bits of media. First up are three new screenshots from the game (click to enlarge):

shot 1 shot 2 shot 3

There's also this new piece of concept art showing the initial "clean" vision for the Ark:

shot 1


Splash Damage Looking for Engine Programmer

Want to work on Brink? Splash Damage is looking for an Engine Programmer to join our development team full-time at our studio near London, England. You'll be creating and optimizing all manner of cross-platform systems for the single and multiplayer components of our engine and work on issues related to graphics, collisions, particle systems, and other core systems. If that sounds like your cup of tea, head on over to the full job description to find out more.

Speaking of job openings, we're also still on the look-out for a Senior Environment Artist and a UI Artist. Nothing there for you? Sign up for our Jobs RSS feed or subscribe to email updates to keep up to date on new job openings.

Splash Damage Hunting for Environment Artist

Want to work on Brink? Splash Damage is looking for an Environment Artist to our development team full-time at our studio near London, England. Should you accept this assignment, you'll not only be infusing our game world with props, objects, and, ultimately, life, but you'll also be called upon to fight off vicious cake and pastry attacks on a regular basis. There's all sorts of other benefits, too. Anyhow, to find out all about the position, head on over to the full job description.

Speaking of job openings, there's a few others we're still looking to fill. If there's nothing there for you at the moment, why not sign up for our Jobs RSS feed or subscribe to email updates? We look forward to hearing from you.

Paul Wedgwood to Speak at GDC Europe Next Week

gdce_logo.jpgSplash Damage CEO and Game Director Paul 'Locki' Wedgwood will be giving a talk at GDC Europe on Monday. Titled "Triple-A or Bust", the 50-minute session will cover Splash Damage's shift from PC-only to multiplatform development and offer advice to studios wanting to make the same transition. Incidentally, it was also named one of the six must-see sessions at the event by Develop Magazine in their pre-show special, so if business and/or management is/are your thing, you probably can't go wrong here.

GDC Europe takes place from August 17 - 19 in Cologne, Germany - just ahead of this year's gamescom, where Brink will be shown to the public for the first time in Europe. More information on the event is available on the GDC Europe website.

Currently Hurling Mice/Controllers at... Anything and Everything

It's been a relatively quiet period for new releases, but that doesn't stop us from throwing a new edition of Currently Hurling out there. Lunch time gaming here at the office is still dominated by Left 4 Dead and Dawn of War II, with some Fight Night Round 4, FIFA '10 and the ever-ubiquitous Rock Band thrown in for good measure. Outside the office, however, it's been a smorgasboard of gaming, with nearly every platform and genre represented (though I did notice that there seems to be a distinct lack of PS3 gaming this week - where's the love, guys?).

We also have a new face on the blog, with freshly hatched Programmer Mikkel 'mig' Gjoel throwing words our way for the very first time. Please make him feel welcome.

Anywho, on to what we've been playing:

Live Brink Gameplay Demonstration at QuakeCon 2009

Following the news of its gamescom appearance, we can now confirm that Brink will also be shown at QuakeCon 2009. Splash Damage CEO and Game Director Paul 'Locki' Wedgwood will be giving a live gameplay demo to attendees on the event's Main Stage on Friday, August 14, at 1 PM, which will be followed by a Q&A session.

QuakeCon takes place from August 13 - 16 at the Gaylord Texan in Dallas, Texas. The full event schedule can be found in this press release, while more information on QuakeCon is available on the QuakeCon website.

Brink to be Shown at gamescom Cologne

We're delighted to reveal that Brink is set to make its very first European outing at gamescom show later this month in Cologne, Germany. Splash Damage CEO and Game Director Paul 'Locki' Wedgwood will be on hand to demo the game to attendees, while our Dynamic Design Duo Richard Ham and Ed Stern will be available for interviews and the like.

gamescom takes place from August 19 - 23 in Cologne, Germany and is open to the public. For more information about the show, getting there, and anything else there is to know about it, hit the gamescom website. We hope to see you there!

GamaSutra Quizzes Brink's Senior Designer Edward Stern

GamaSutra had the chance to quiz Senior Game Designer Edward 'BongoBoy' Stern about all things Brink and the philosophy behind the game. The resulting four-page piece covers a great many things, including how Brink was conceived, character customization, accessibility, using environments as the primary storytelling device, and much more. Despite the apparent lack of subliminal tapir propaganda, it's a fun and informative read - don't miss it!