May 2009

Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory six years old today!

The Splash Damage astrolabe and sundial are in agreement, the Twelve Tapir Sages nod in unison: there can be no dissent - somehow it's six (6) [SIX] years to the day that Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory was released. No, wait. There is absolutely no way that can be true. Really? Really? OK. OK, if you say so. Crikey.

A massive, enormous, colossal, firm yet still sensitive thanks to everyone who made Wolf:ET (and not-very-indirectly-at-all Splash Damage) the success it/we is/are. It's been and remains a splendid and extraordinary ride and we have you to thank for it.

For old time's sake, why not take it out for a spin? Coincidentally, we've cobbled together new portal-ish page for Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory with download links, a leaderboard, and other helpful bits and pieces. And while you're at it, why not take Salteh's Wolf:ET birthday quiz?

I'm just about to be nailed into my transport crate and sent to E3 to babble like a brook about our seekrit, unnanounced oh no, wait, BRINK, BRINK BRINK BRINK.

Odd to think that on this day in 2003, we were off to our very first E3, our hair neatly parted, our spats shined, our high girlish sopranos splitting the blue sky with peals of nervous giggling. Several eleventybillion game hours later, we're still at it, thanks to you. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Paul Wedgwood Reveals Next Game Nuggets

At this week's Develop 2008 in Brighton, videogaming247 quizzed Splash Damage owner Paul Wedgwood about the studio's next project with Bethesda Softworks. The resulting transcript comes in two parts (one, two) and is filled with quotes and tidbits about what gamers can expect from the new title.

MCV Games 5s Football Tournament: Our Revenge Draws Nigh

Games 5sHere at Splash Damage, we are all about the Victory. We have Victory. We demand Victory. We don't recognise anything other than Victory. So, following last year's criminal outrage and travesty of justice and offence against all that is just and fair, we once again lace up our boots and inflate our sporting bladders to take part in the MCV Games 5's Football Tournament.

Last year Volatile Games denied us Victory on a mere "number of goals scored" technicality. This year, when the action kicks off on June 12th, we will make no such conceit, not only because of a stringent training regime which may have raised our foot-to-ball skills by as much as 7%, but also because Volatile, conveniently for them, are in a completely different group from us. Connect Entertainment, Future Games, Imagine Publishing, Industry Allstars, and Koch Media are less fortunate in this area, as they all face the unenviable prospect of being the first ones to experience just how utterly victorious we can be.

Lastly, before we all go back to practicing our 14-minute choreographed victory ballet, there are rumours out there spreading the notion that the tournament is all for a good cause, with £1,500 going to the charity of the winning team's choice. Let us clarify that these are False Untrue Lie Untruths. It's all about the Victory, and the associated Victoriousness.

Things You Were Too Afraid to Ask: Simon 'Bazee' Price

Definitely and fearlessly answering every question our Ouija board demanded is Audio Programmer Simon 'Bazee' Price in our latest staff interview. Simon comes to Splash Damage from Pivotal Games where he worked on Haze for the PlayStation 3 and now works with our resident sound effects Mozart Chris Sweetman to make sure our game audio provides the same delicious flavors and crisp textures that you have come to expect from your favored mouth-foodstuff.

To find out more about Simon, his duties at Splash Damage, how he ended up here, and why he personifies the Indian version of ebay, check out the full interview in his profile.

Games 5s Football Tournament - The Splash Damage Story

Games 5sLike a scorching David Beckham free kick, the finals of the MCV & Xbox 360 Games 5s Football Tournament have flashed past our flailing arms and smacked into the back of the net of time before we had time to fully register it/them. Blink and you missed them/it. But fear not, if you didn’t happen to be on or adjacent to the pitch at the time, I am here to recount tales of foot-to-ball glory.

Last Chance to Vote for Splash Damage at the Golden Joysticks

Long List Voting for the 27th Golden Joystick Awards is nearly at an end, with just two more days left to submit your choices. Splash Damage is up in the UK Developer of the Year category and needs your votes to go through to the next round. Go on. It's for the tapirs.

Things You Were Afraid to Ask: Radek 'ElDonaldo' Szczepanczyk

RadekThe latest staff member to be gently and yet firmly wheeled into the spotlight of our on-going series of interviews is Radek 'ElDonaldo' Szczepanczyk. Radek is a Technical Environment Artist and comes to Splash Damage having created artsy bits for Racedriver: Grid and at least two giant robots (which, to be fair, are pretty much required for anyone wanting to work on games).

To find out what Radek's job entails, how he ended up at Splash Damage and, indeed, in the industry, and what all this means, peruse the full interview in his profile.

Currently Hurling Controllers / Mice At... Plants, Kings, and Zombies

Welcome to the latest edition of Currently Hurling, our semi-regular look at we're playing here at the Splash Damage World Headquarters. Plants vs Zombies, the latest effort of Professional Productivity Murderers PopCap, and, much like Peggle before it, has people glued to their screens. The other big title in this update is Little King's Story on the Wii - a rather unique proposition as Tim explains below:

Tim 'Huntle' Rose (Production Coordinator):
In the crevices of spare time that can be found around the base of the awesome Team Fortress 2 mountain, I have been feasting on delicious morsels of regency. A mix of Animal Crossing, Harvest Moon and real-time strategy, Little King's Story is cute blend of exploration, city building and fighting and feels right at home on the Wii.

Things You Were Too Afraid To Ask: Ed 'MrEd' Reid

Online Services Programmer Ed 'MrEd' Reid is the latest of our team members to unknowingly feature in our series of staff interviews. Ed comes to Splash Damage from fellow UK developer Pivotal Games where he worked on Conflict: Denied Ops and is not only named after talking horse, but also happily programming away on our next game.

To find out every last detail about Ed, how he ended up at Splash Damage, his daily duties, why half of the development team regularly gets a panic attack, and so much more, read the full interview in his profile.

Vote for Splash Damage as UK Dev of the Year

It's never too early to vote for 2009's best and brightest, and so the first round of voting is now underway for the 27th Annual Golden Joystick Awards. Splash Damage is up in the UK Developer of the Year category - vote now to make sure everyone's favorite tapir-obsessed game studio is represented at this year's awards! The most popular entries in each of the categories will go on to the 2009 short list, while the final winners will be announced at a glitzy awards ceremony towards the end of the year.

Things You Were Too Afraid to Ask: Diogo 'fozi' Teixeira

The latest installment of our series of staff interviews talks with Diogo 'fozi' Teixeira, the southernmost tip of our elite squad of rapidly-typing programmers. Diogo comes to Splash Damage from Portugal where he worked on UGO Volt for the Xbox 360 and is now working away with 100% of his hands on the game code and technology powering our latest title.

To find out all about Diogo, his duties at Splash Damage, how he ended up here, and how IRC forever changed the Muppets for him, check out the full interview in his profile.