Splash DamageApril 2009

April 2009

Currently Hurling Controllers / Mice At... Clashing Zenos

Zeno ClashHello and welcome to another edition of Currently Hurling, our semi-regular look at what we've been playing lately here at Splash Damage. New releases are still few and far between, though independent game Zeno Clash has managed to make a rather lasting impression around these parts. Let's have Ed explain why, shall we?

Ed 'BongoBoy' Stern (Senior Game Designer):
Zeno Clash: just trying to describe this game is itself something of a psychedelic dream sequence. One suddenly finds oneself being stared at in fascinated horror as previously unconnected syllables tumble from one's lips. "Look, the Chicken-Head guy is throwing skulls at me", "See how the blind sniper hurls squirrels on parachutes and they have barrels of gunpowder on their back?" etc.

Chris Sweetman at Sensoria Festival This Week

Splash Damage's Audio Director Chris 'peaceful warrior' Sweetman will be at the Sensoria Festival of Film and Music in Sheffield later this week. Chris will be participating in a panel titled Virtual Soundscapes along with Spore composer Peter Chilvers, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe Music Supervisor Martin Hewett, LucasArts composer Chris Mann, and independent Audio Director John Broomhall. Set to kick off Thursday morning, the panel will explore the use of music and audio in computer games and how to build soundscapes that take advantage of the interactive nature of games. Chris will also be roaming the Sensoria grounds most of the day, so don't hesitate to say hi if you see him around!

Sensoria is taking place from April 24 - 30 in Sheffield and offers a host of activities for film and music enthusiasts. You can take a peek at the full events calendar here.

Splash Damage salutes World Tapir Day

Dear friends, Happiness Huzzah and Jubilation for once again it is World Tapir Day. Enjoy and celebrate these best 24 hours of the year, dedicated as they are to raising public awareness of these magnificent beasts and their plight. Cute, Polite and Fascinating though they be, alas every species of Tapir is endangered, and some very splendid people are working very hard to ensure that future generations will be able to marvel at the Tapirs and Their Works.

ETQW Stroyent Campaign Wins Another Marketing Award

The winners of the 2009 MI6 Awards are in and Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars has won another one of the coveted statuettes after already being awarded a Silver Muse for Best Wrapping last year. This time, though, the judges were apparently quite taken with the Projectile Dysfunction awareness campaign, which took home a Silver Muse in the "Don't You Wish You'd Thought of This" category. Earlier in the year, the Mobius Awards also honored the PD campaign with their award for Best New Media Campaign.

On a related note, congratulations are also in order for our friends over at Bethesda who are currently trying to dig themselves out from under pile of no less than nine of this year's MI6 awards for Fallout 3 and its various associated marketing activities.

Snap to Grid: Santorini, 23rd Century Warfare and more

Snap to GridWelcome to the latest edition of Snap to Grid, our semi-regular showcase of community maps and mods for Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars. As always, ETQW Mapping's MC-mappa Terry 'Salteh' Seidler is here to give you a guided tour of some of the latest happenings in Mapping Land.

This month, we pay a visit to Greece, venture deep into Steedium Mines, and do some work on a construction site. And because nothing is complete without giant robots, Mechs make an appearance thanks to the 23rd Century Warfare modification.

Snap to Grid - 2008 Leftovers Edition

Snap to Grid2008 seems ages away already, but there’s still some unfinished business to take care of. Welcome to the latest edition of Snap to Grid, where ETQW Mapping's full-time King of the World Salteh takes a look at the community's latest and greatest mapping concoctions.

In this installment, brush-building machine Chris brings us another map with a remake of the popular Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory map Radar, adding to his already impressive collection of Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars levels. We’ll also find out what Joe999 has been doing with some of his spare time.

Splash Damage Looking for Media Artist

We are currently on the hunt for a Media Artist to join our team full time at our offices near London, England. As Media Artist, you'll be responsible for the production of in-game screenshots, as well as various marketing materials (such as illustrations for magazine covers). Actual game development experience is not a requirement for this position, so it's a great way to break into the industry. If this sounds like your cup of tea, take a look at the full job description.

On a related note, we are also looking to fill several other open positions with artistic and programmery types - hit the Jobs section for the full list!

Staying Up-to-date on All Things Splash Damage

Over the past few months, weeks, days, and hours, we've implemented several handy (we think) ways for you to stay up-to-date on what's happening here at Splash Damage. Here's a quick overview of what's available:

If you simply want to know if we've posted news or a new blog entry, you can either grab our News RSS feed which will then get added to your RSS reader of choice or you can subscribe to our email updates, which will send you an email summary of new content once a day.

Our Jobs page now boats similar functionality as well, so you can elect to receive email updates whenever a new job opening becomes available or, if you're the RSS type, you can simply subscribe to our Careers RSS feed.

Lastly, if you keep hearing RSS being thrown around and have no idea what to do with the term, Wikipedia has a collection of words explaining it.

Splash Damage Accidentally Starts Work on Tapir Wars Sequel

We're delighted and completely surprised to announce that we have seemingly begun work on Tapir Wars: Welcome to the Jungle, a semi-sequel to the 2008 Odd-Toed Game of the Year Tapir Wars. Tapir Wars: Welcome to the Jungle has apparently been in development for All This Time and promises to introduce absolutely nothing new, while delivering very nearly more of the same.

For more information about the game, cast your eyes on the official game page, which is also offers some behind the scenes information on development. Happy snuffling!