Splash DamageJanuary 2009

January 2009

Words by Splash Damage Artists in March Issue of 3D World

If you like creating 3D models and the way paper feels in your hands, we highly recommend picking up the upcoming March issue of 3D World magazine. Not only does it include 108 individual sheets of paper, but at least several of them are filled with words written by Splash Damage artists covering character model creation for a game (like, say, Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars). More specifically, technical Artist Paul 'MoP' Greveson explains step by step how to skin and export a zombie model, while animator Chris 'Hauser' Bull covers working with MotionBuilder to create animations based on motion capture data.

And to make it all even easier to follow, Paul recorded a whole set of narrated video tutorials covering the entire skinning / exporting business, which are now available on 3D World's website for maximum convenience. One of them specifically covers getting a character from MAX into Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars, so that one's most likely of particular interest to all you modders out there. Happy viewing!

How Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars Got Ray-Traced

Since Intel's ray traced version of Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars first surfaced last year, it has generated a fair bit of interest and excitement among graphics gurus and gamers alike. For those wanting to get an idea of what went into the thing and why it was created in the first place, Intel has now released a detailed Making Of in PDF form written by the man behind it, Daniel Pohl. The feature is quite detailed and goes over all the various bits and pieces Intel and Daniel had to create for the demo and concludes with a look at the future of ray-tracing in gaming. Go have a read!

If you prefer Deutsch, a (proper) German translation of the article can be found here at ComputerBase.

Currently Hurling Controllers / Mice At... Welcome to 2009 Edition

Fabulous Tapir PrizeWelcome to the first edition of Currently Hurling in 2009. There were no new releases in the past few weeks and the holiday break gave us some much needed time to catch up on whatever games we missed during one of the most cramped holiday seasons in recent memory. And since 2008 is now officially over and done with, we're also taking this opportunity to pick our favorite games of the year. Some of the choices may shock and/or surprise you. Or not.

Ed 'BongoBoy' Stern (Senior Game Designer):
I'm anticipating that everyone's going to say Fallout 3 was their GOTY. Admittedly, I spent as much time in the Capital Wasteland as in my own trousers but I'm still rolling around giggling at how great World of Goo is: looks, sounds, plays just wonderful. Kyle Gabler and Ron Carmel, you are Golden Goo Gods. Also, Little Big Planet was just fantastic and deserves to conquer the world. Right, now back to shooting things.

Paul Wedgwood interviewed on GamesIndustry.biz

GamesIndustry·biz cornered Splash Damage owner Paul 'Locki' Wedgwood at GameCity Nottingham late last year and somehow managed to trick him into answering a few choice questions. While a large part of the resulting interview focuses on the way game reviews work (or not, rather), Paul also discusses breaking into the industry by going the modding route, Splash Damage's relationship with Bethesda, and the future of multiplayer-only games. If you would like to know more, we strongly recommend diving headfirst into the full piece on GamesIndustry.biz.

Play QUAKE Wars With Splash Damage and PC Gamer Tonight

To ring 2009 in properly and in style, we here at Splash Damage are going to be playing a few rounds of Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars with the PC Gamer UK folks tonight. It all goes down tonight at 7 PM GMT (that's 8 PM CET and 2 PM Eastern) on PC Gamer's own ETQW server. Best of all, it's all open to the public (until the server fills up, at least) - all you have to do is join the PC Gamer Steam Group and drop by the group's chat channel tonight where the server password will be revealed. Happy fragging!

Brief QUAKE Wars Master Server Outage Tomorrow

What better way to start 2009 than with some good old-fashioned (if a bit early) Spring Cleaning? That's what the crew over at DemonWare thought, anyway, and so they will be doing some maintenance on the Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars master server infrastructure tomorrow (January 8) between 12 PM and 1 PM GMT. The accounts server and the master server list will not be available during this time, so you will not be able to log into your online account or retrieve the server list. Once this is over and done with, the entire back-end should be a wee bit faster and you'll be able to dive right back into the action.