Splash DamageApril 2008

April 2008

Snap to Grid - ETQW Mapping Spotlight: Comm Link and Meltdown

The QUAKE Wars SDK was released about five months ago and people have been working hard creating new content for the game. Most of you will have heard of the Wheels of War and ETQWPro mods, but what about maps? Good news! The first few maps have already reached beta stage and are nearing completion. With all this new content on the horizon, we thought it would be a good idea to dedicate a new series of blog posts to it.

Enter the supremely cleverly titled "Snap to Grid" written by Salteh of ETQW Mapping fame. In this initial installment, he'll be taking a look at Comm Link by zig-zag and Meltdown by Chris.

International Tapir Day!

Who can truly say when the love affair between Splash Damage and the noble Tapir first began? One way or another, we've all received noble service from the Tapir. It has lurked playfully in our forums. It has adorned our GDF Strategic Strike Missile. It has hidden within the text on the GDF Field Ops' visor. It even played a vital part in the MegaTexture technology itself.

Now it's time to give something back.

In the Crosshairs: ETQW Competition Round-up: Webisode 3: Debate Edition

Despite many a distraction with 'real' work I've had time to hack together another brief news round up from the world of the ETQW competition scene.

First, let's take a look at the current state of the various competitions around the globe. In Europe, the ClanBase Nations Cup XI has concluded with the Swedes (who always seem to win the various Nations Cup games!) beating the Netherlands team 4-0 on Ark and Salvage in the final. Sweden has been less fortunate in the ClanBase EuroCup XVII, though, as their leading clan, Epsilon eSports, have decided to take a hiatus from ETQW and have subsequently dropped from the event. The EuroCup is now entering the play-off stages and with the withdrawal of Epsilon, Four Kings are the clear favorites to win this cup. The other teams in the final eight are n!faculty.Tagan (DE), VAE.QW (UK), Wiechury (PL), Team Infinity (DK), DEFAULT.Team (PL), Geh aB Clan.ETQW (DE) and Inferno eSports (IT).

Currently Hurling Controllers / Mice At... - Easter Edition

All of us at Splash Damage are passionate gamers and we thought it would be fun to share with you which games are being played around the office at the moment and what we can't wait to get our hands on this week. And with the Easter weekend coming up, what better time to stock up on some games, gorge yourself on chocolate eggs and get your frag on?

Anyway, let's dive right in:

In the Crosshairs: ETQW Competition Round-up

The on-going Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars Competition Mod beta is testament to the fact that many of us here at Splash Damage HQ are, or have been, keen fans of competition gaming and I am no exception. In my time I've played in many a clan, from the most casual (an epic Counter-Strike clan of some 40+ members and assorted ranks) to the more 'hardcore' (an all conquering Call of Duty team) and everything in between. This it seems was all it took to convince the Great Overlords of the Office that I would be the perfect candidate to bring you the occasional update about the Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars competition scene - lets hope they're right!

There have been a multitude of competitions and tournaments played out since the game was released, so rather than cover the numerous epic victories and crushing defeats of the past, I'll start with the most recent events.

Splash Damage All Over PC Zone UK June Issue

Those of you who like paper will be thrilled to learn that the June issue of PC Zone UK has a bunch of pretty cool Splash Damage-related content in it. First up, Pavel Barter investigates the state of the modding scene and asks whether or not it has become a mere shadow of its former glory. Several mod-teams-turned-game-developers share their pearls of wisdom and we couldn't help but chip in as well. Better yet, the article also highlights four of Pavel's favorite mods at the moment and we're delighted to see that the promising Wheels of War mod for Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars is the first one in the list! We tip our proverbial hats to Domipheus and the gang over at the WOW garage and can't wait to play the finished thing!

Official Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars Site Gets a Makeover

To celebrate the upcoming console release of Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars, the official ETQW website has received a bit of a makeover. There's an all-new front page showcasing the shiny new intro movie for the console versions, and a few assorted bits of fresh content sprinkled througout the site. A few really cool updates are coming up in the next weeks, so check back often and keep your eyes peeled for those.

Kevin Cloud and Brandon James on Bringing ETQW to Xbox 360

Here inside Splash Damage's hollowed out volcano, we've been keeping a close eye on the Xbox 360 version of Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars and it's certainly shaping up great. Just last week we received the latest build of the game and it's been running constantly on the Xbox 360 in the break room ever since.

Now that the console versions of ETQW are riding the certification train towards their release date at the end of May, we thought it would be a splendid idea to drag id Software's Kevin Cloud and Nerve Software's commander in chief Brandon James to our interrogation chamber and extract a few more bits of information about the long-awaited Xbox 360 incarnation of the game. Head on over to the ETQW Community Site to read what they had to say about the goals and challenges of bringing the game to the Xbox 360, the improvements they've made, achievements, and whether or not we'll see a demo.

Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars Console Preview Bonanza

Hot on the heels of the release date announcement, we've also got a few Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars console previews for you to peruse. All of these guys and gals were able to spend a few hours with the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions of the game and have put together their impressions at the links below:

If you've spotted any other previews, please let us know in the comments!

In the Crosshairs: ETQW Competition Round-up: Webisode 2: ClanBase Edition

I guess my last report didn't offend anybody and was considered interesting enough to warrant a sequel so woot for me! Looks like I'll be able to carry on doing this "interweb web-log-blogging" thing, bringing you round-ups of the various happenings in the Enemy Territory QUAKE Wars competition scene.

Actually truth be told I had the impression not much had happened these last few weeks, what with the last round of tournaments having recently been completed and the bulk of new ones just starting up. For a moment I thought I might struggle to find much news to bring you, but a quick check on the various cup and ladder websites soon made me realize that a large number of clan battles are still raging on, in fact I might struggle to fit all the news in!

Most interesting of the current events is the ClanBase Nations Cup. Unlike the majority of tournaments the Nations Cup is a little different as the competitors playing in it are representing their country instead of their usual clan. Sixteen nations from across Europe enter teams into the cup, each team is limited to fielding no more than three players from the same clan at any one time, meaning the Nations Cup truly tests the depth of talent of each country's community as well as their ability to adapt and often most importantly to get along with each other.

So Where's ETQW 1.5?

The marketing machine for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions of Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars is starting to spin up - if you missed it, don't forget to check out the first round of previews. More are sure to come within the next few weeks along with a few other cool announcements related to the console versions. In more PC-centric news, there have been quite a few questions about the status of the ETQW 1.5 game update on the forums, so here's what's currently happening with it.

Apple.com Looks at Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars

With Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars now shipping for Mac OS X in North America, the folks at Apple.com have taken a closer look at the game. Creative director Paul Wedgwood was on hand to walk them through a typical match and the article offers many of Paul's insights into the design philosophy behind the title.

There's also a second page filled with information about the two warring sides, all the maps, system requirements, and even single player cheat codes, so if you're wanting to get up to speed on all things ETQW, this is a great way to start.

Wheels of War Alpha Released

Start your engines and prepare to slide sideways through hordes of zombies! The team behind the highly anticipated Wheels of War for Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars has just released an alpha version of their mod! They caution that with this is the very first release, not all the features are included yet (zombies, stunts, and upgrades are still to come apparently) and that there may be a bug or two. Nevertheless, the guys want to get as much community feedback as early as possible, so don't forget to post your thoughts and impressions in the ETQW forums.

The mod currently comes in Windows and Linux flavors - a list of download locations can be found on the Wheels of War site, where you can also find a new trailer celebrating the alpha release. For more on Wheels of War, check out this interview with the team behind it!